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cold pressed dog food manufacturer

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Published 29.11.2018

Guru Dog Food - Cold Pressed Food vs Kibble

Cold Pressed Dog Food reduces bloating and retains key nutrients by pressing at a lower temperature. Premium Raw Frozen Dog Food launching soon.

Cold Pressed Dog Food

We are Danube Petfoods, a family owned company, and we prepare dry, cold-pressed dog food for your beloved pets. A family business with more than 30 years of experience in the international agricultural food chain and with strong relationships with local farmers from the Danube Region brings to the market the dog food of the finest quality. Kudo dog food is made without grains, tapioca, or potato. Simplicity with an idea to treat pets and their digestive system just as the nature would, and did, for thousands of years. To maintain work within a family means to apply standards even higher than those obtained in more formally regulated management teams of a corporation.

Cold pressing itself is not a new development. This company pioneered the cold pressing process for dog foods and the UK brand Gentle Dog Food is the culmination of nearly 50 years of research. The high temperatures used in the production of regular dog kibble destroy much of the goodness in the pet food. The adverse effects of this are so marked that these brands need to be sprayed with artificial flavourings and nutrients to make them palatable for our dogs. This unique and gentle process creates a dog food which can have a high meat content, where natural enzymes and vitamins — as well as fibre and molecular structures — are retained, keeping all their healthy goodness. The lower the temperature of the process the better the integrity of the nutrition. Once the ingredients are ready they are pressed together for a very short time at a very low temperature.

The new, family-owned company, Danube Petfoods, has just launched its new product: Kudo, a dry, cold-pressed dog food. Kudo dog food is made using unique cold-pressing technology, already known in the industry, but developed further by Danube Petfoods engineers.
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For several years now, cold-pressed dog food has been developing from a niche or trend-setting product to a constituent of many dog food brands and pet food product ranges. But what actually is cold-pressed dog food? Cold-pressed complete food is manufactured without any additional exposure to heat in the form of steam. The raw material is first carefully blended and then molded in a special cold press. Due to the relatively low temperatures prevailing during manufacture, the nutrients as well as vitamins and minerals are optimally preserved. Fihumin GmbH, one of only few manufacturers of cold-pressed dog foods in Europe, has been offering a variety of formulae since

We all have one thing in common. We love our dogs. And well…. Even when everything seems ok, we still question whether we are doing the best thing for our dogs. More than anything we want to ensure they are healthy and when it seems like there is a new dog food appearing every day, it does make it difficult to know what to do. Personally, Millie and I are cold compressed converts. She had so many issues with her diet over her first 2.

With so many different types of dog food available to you, you might be wondering which is best for your dog. Cold-pressed means the food is cooked very quickly at a temperature without the use of high temperatures or steam. This allows a lot more of the essential nutrients in the ingredients to remain intact, producing a more natural product. The cold-pressed method means that the ingredients are mixed together with cold water and then pressed under low heat treatment for a very short time. This very low temperature ensures the preservation of nutrients, especially those of the oils. To understand more about how the process helps cold pressed dog food to retain more of its natural nutritional value, we asked Lauren to explain.

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  1. In addition to extruded dog and cat food, we can also develop your own brand of pressed dog food for you.

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