24 hour party people song

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24 hour party people song

24-Hour Party People by Tony Wilson

The musicians own everything. The company owns nothing. All our bands have the freedom to f**k off

Written in blood, The Factory non-contract set out the manifesto for one of the most influential and progressive record labels of our time...

Manchester, 1976: Anthony Wilson, Granada TV presenter, is at an early Sex Pistols gig. Inspired by this pivotal moment in music history, he and his friends set up Factory Records. They go on to conquer the world with Joy Division (who become New Order) then again with the Happy Mondays.

Riding high on their success and just about keeping the business afloat, the Factory directors decide to give something back to their city, to open a club - The Hacienda. Packed on opening night but losing money hand over fist for the first five years, The Hacienda and the Happy Mondays take their unique brand of hedonism to breaking point.

From the dawn of punk to the death of acid house, Anthony Wilson was at the centre of it all. Love him or hate him, you cant possibly ignore him.
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Happy Mondays - 24 Hour Party People (Official Music Video)

24 Hour Party People

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it's evil. don't touch it.

Attempting to document the aesthetic and spiritual transition from Manchester to "Madchester," the soundtrack to Michael Winterbottom's film is a quick primer on the Factory Records saga and the songs that propelled it. Set in motion by the timelessly vitriolic "Anarchy in the U. With his vision firmly imprinted, Wilson set off to be Manchester's chief impresario and, apart from the other two punk inclusions the Buzzcocks ' "Ever Fallen in Love? Certainly Wilson 's signing of Vini Reilly 's Durutti Column , while perhaps not pivotal, shows that the one-time TV host had a keen ear. What this collection does illustrate, on a glossier scale, is why Factory may have been the most significant of the post-punk labels. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.

I know that Ian Curtis, lead singer of Joy Division Sean Harris danced like a herky-jerky man; I know that the Happy Mondays did a lot of drugs; and I know that Andy Serkis as record producer Martin Hannett looks not too much worse digitally disguised as Gollum than not. The Sex Pistols play to 42 people. This may be the answer to the question of the meaning of life. Watching 24 Hour Party People is like getting invited to a party at which you know nobody, but at which you feel you might want to do a bit of schmoozing. Because, spoiler alert, Ian Curtis failed to choose life. Sean Harris makes an Ian Curtis strainy face.

People just turned up; they knew it was a good gig. Some kids at school just told me it was about ecstasy and raves, so I figured it would make for a good rent during one dull summer vacation. The movie proved to be more than that. Aside from its post-modernist and impressionistic filmmaking style, what shocked me more was that it had old Sex Pistols footage, told me the true story of Joy Division, taught me the history of rave music, and introduced me to the Happy Mondays. Of course, a movie about the Madchester music movement would have to be told with a fantastic soundtrack. Director Michael Winterbottom knew he would have to do the music selection justice if to make a film about this crowd of wild and drugged up Brits, not to mention to cast the film impeccably.

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  1. 24 Hour Party People Lyrics: How old are you? early Happy Mondays hit is rivaled only by “She Bangs the Drums”, as the defining song of the read more» .

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