People who don t care about anything

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people who don t care about anything

Not Caring Quotes (30 quotes)

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Published 22.11.2018

People Who Don’t Care About Anything (New!)

You snap at people or ignore them or respond in monosyllables. But what happens when you really don't care about anything? When.

25 People Who Don’t Care About Anything

Before you can post or reply in these forums, please join our online community. First Off I'm just going to list some things about myself. I am and always have been lazy. I'm 17 and I have depression was diagnosed 6 months ago, but have had it for 2 years. Due to depression, I dropped out of school with no future plans of education or employment. I have never really had a dream job, instead I pretended to be interested in some random things I was told as a child payed good money E. Architecture, Aeronautical Engineering.

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Some People Just Don't Care

Started by onacloudynight , August 16, Posted August 16, I dropped college today, because I don't think it is right for me in this point in time. I am starting to feel like an alien from everybody. I really don't care about anything anymore. Everything feels meaningless and empty. I wish I could just fall asleep or wake up.

The worst thing that happened to me in five years happened three months ago. But, wait, I don't want to be complaining. More on that in a second. He had just started reading my posts. A year after that, the CEO of a company that fired me took me out to lunch, "I heard you had a stroke or a heart attack. Then she offered me a huge job that I had to turn down.

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