Daughter of queen of hearts

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daughter of queen of hearts

Queen of Hearts (Queen of Hearts Saga, #1) by Colleen Oakes

Only queens with hearts can bleed.

This is not the story of the Wonderland we know. Alice has not fallen down a rabbit hole. There is no all-knowing cat with a taunting smile. This is a Wonderland where beneath each smile lies a secret, each tart comes with a demand, and only prisoners tell the truth.

Dinah is the princess who will one day reign over Wonderland. She has not yet seen the dark depths of her kingdom; she longs only for her father’s approval and a future with the boy she loves. But when a betrayal breaks her heart and threatens her throne, she is launched into Wonderland’s dangerous political game. Dinah must stay one step ahead of her cunning enemies or she’ll lose not just the crown but her head.

Evil is brewing in Wonderland and maybe, most frighteningly, in Dinah herself.

This is not a story of happily ever after.

This is the story of the Queen of Hearts.
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She is a foul-tempered monarch whom Carroll himself describes as "a blind fury", and who is quick to give death sentences at the slightest offense. The Queen is referred to as a card from a pack of playing cards by Alice, yet somehow she is able to talk and is the ruler of the lands in the story, alongside her husband, the King of Hearts. She is often confused with the Red Queen from the sequel, Through the Looking-Glass , although the two are very different. Alice observes three playing cards painting white roses red. They drop to the ground face down at the approach of the Queen of Hearts, whom Alice has never met. When the Queen arrives and asks Alice who is lying on the ground since the backs of all playing cards look alike , Alice tells her that she does not know. The Queen then becomes frustrated and commands that her head be severed.

Originally posted by lavendertitties. No one dared enter the fish and chips shop after Uma returned from her failed attempt at getting revenge on Mal. Only her and her crew went inside, hence causing business to be at an all-time low. So when a girl in a torn up, bright red dress and white leather jacket walked into the shop, it took everyone by surprise. All the pirates suspiciously eyed her as she entered. He leaned against the wall and brushed a strand of her hair out of her face with his hook. Harry chuckled to himself as he stepped out of her way, mockingly bowing as she walked past him.

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The King of Hearts gathers everyone for an important announcement and Dinah is shocked to learn that he has a long lost daughter named Vittiore who he has decided to officially welcome into the royal family. Dinah has to compete against the King and Vittiore, who everyone is rooting for since she, unlike Dinah, looks like a perfect and sweet princess. But Dinah is determined to make this game her chance to shine and the final round is down to her and her father. But it turns out losing in front of the whole kingdom is not a good look for the King so he threatens Dinah, forcing her to let him win. The King gets his croquet victory but def loses the Dad of the Year trophy in our book…. Dinah receives a cryptic message telling her to visit a prisoner in the Black Towers named Faina Baker. Dinah and her maybe more than best friend Wardley sneak into the prison and find Faina was arrested for high treason and is kept in the northernmost cell, chained to the wall by tree roots.

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