Red light poem in written

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red light poem in written

Red Light, Green Light by Margaret Wise Brown

Review: I gave this 3 stars because of its repeating words. Although they give detail about a read light and green light, I think they could of done more instead of repeating. I think students will be able to recognize what is supposed to be learned throughout the book. The artistic elements are very detailed with showing the house, the tent, jeep, car, dog and cat.. etc.

Summary: Red light you dont go, green light you can. Starts off with the sun rising and everyone coming out, how they go through their day with the lights being red and green and then how it becomes night, when they all go home and the only thing you can see are the green and red lights blinking throughout the night.
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Poem traffic lights

Traffic Light Poems

This album tells the story of two people exercising the boundaries of their comfort and participating in the life of the other. Their stories recite the journey of hardship and reward for a fledgling duo determined to grow. Mastered by Randy Roos. Artwork by Annika Earley. It is a call to a loved one, or perhaps even to oneself, who has slipped into a darker state of mind. It is a reminder for anyone who has felt lost and alone that there is love and light surrounding them closer than they realize. Featured exclusively on Bandcamp, and the title track of the album,"OWRL" is, in its simplest form, about coming to a stop light alone with the better part of the drive still ahead of you.

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I mean wait till the lights turn green. Green light, green light, what do you say? I say cross, but please look each way. Thank-you, thank-you: red, yellow, green.
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