Audiobooks to listen to while sleeping

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audiobooks to listen to while sleeping

Audiobooks - Book Talk: books to fall asleep by Showing 1-32 of 32

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Published 30.11.2018

1 Hour Bedtime Story for Deep Relaxing Sleep: Jacob and Essau

If you want to fall asleep listening to an audiobook there are countless greats to chose from Be whisked off to Narnia while drifting off to sleep.

How Audiobooks Help My Sleep Goals

Do audiobooks help you sleep? Can reading or listening to audiobooks before sleeping improve sleep? For me, the answer is yes. I love reading and do typically find that it does help to me to wind down and relax before sleep. It also tends to bring on sleepiness for me earlier than if am on the smart phone or watching TV. Not everyone reports these positive benefits. However, great feedback has proved that listening to audiobooks while sleeping is a helpful way to improve sleep.

Feb 14, PM. Hello all, very pleased to have found you all. This is my first post. I'm looking for recommendations of books to fall asleep by. So far, I've had very good results with a few meditation podcasts. I'm out like a light.

It was my first time living away from home and falling asleep in the City That Never Sleeps was not easy. What midwestern, suburban kid could, with the foreign sounds of gunshots and police sirens echoing on the corner of Bedford Park and Grand Concourse? Who in their right mind wanted to add more noise to the circus around us? Of course, I minded! It was a children's title and it was 11 at night but I was too exhausted to argue. As we began to listen, I found myself feeling like a little kid tucked securely into bed while Dad read to me. The audiobook re-focused my attention my anxieties about living in New York and missing my family seemed to get lost in the story.

Reading before bed is one of life's great luxuries. However, if you are a busy working gal like myself, sometimes by the time you get into bed your eyes hurt and the idea of having your eyes open is tantamount to torture.
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  1. Make your holiday travels, errands, cooking sessions, and all the rest more enjoyable by listening to an audiobook.

  2. Insomnia plagues roughly 30 percent of the adult population, including college students.

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