Grant cardone follow up script

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grant cardone follow up script


This is the companion a book and included with the Millions on the Phone Live Training.

This massive book contains:

86 Pages of Content
Scripts for Incoming, Outbound and Cold Calls
Elevator Pitch Techniques
Preparing for a Cold Call
Advanced Phone Tips
The Math Behind Making Millions with a Phone
Filled with actionable tips and techniques for phone sales.
You will learn HOW TO:
Use scripts for various call types
Setup the right daily rituals
Leave successful messages
Handle Cold Call Objections
Create a Call Calculation Worksheet
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Published 01.12.2018

How to Master Follow-UP

Your Complete Sales Follow Up Guide

Efficiency Cold-calling is probably the least efficient form of selling from a time perspective. As I was cold calling, I was essentially trying to get people, who were already mentally consumed in their own activity, to redirect their attention to my message. Webcast, October 15th: Your Baby is Ugly. The way that we do it is simple and we guarantee results. Still with me? These are highly motivated buyers who are looking for a service provider, like you, to solve their problem. Being first on the internet today, is the same as being first in the yellow pages 20 years ago.

Let's have a look at the cold call script of Grant Cardone and analyze every single word of it. First I will show you the script as a whole. Then I will examine it for you word for word. But first you have to know that Grant is known to be a "high volume cold caller". And his cold call script is designed for this approach. This means his strategy relies on calling hundreds of prospective clients per day, pitching his services and if the decision maker isn't interested follow him up on a later date and get quickly to the next call. I myself don't favor this approach at all.

Cold Calling: Tips and Scripts from the #1 Sales Training Expert

Keep in mind the average company takes almost hours to follow up a lead and you can see why contacting a customer in the first 5 to 10 minutes increases your chances of closing the customer times! In consulting with one company, my firm discovered that their industry in general struggled with the practice of following up with customers. So, we looked at what their competitors would not do and found that none of them called back clients as they left the store. I have something you must see. If there was no successful contact made, another manager repeated the callback program the same day and again the next morning.

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