Latest inventions in computer gadgets

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latest inventions in computer gadgets

125 Cool Inventions: Supersmart Machines and Wacky Gadgets You Never Knew You Wanted! by National Geographic Kids

The future is now! Super smart toilets, sweet dream machines, bread buttering toasters, and flying hotels -- this fun and informative book gives curious kids the inside scoop on 125 amazing real inventions. Its sure to get gadget gurus, techies, and computer geeks thinking about the world of infinite possibilities. If there was an invention that could knock your socks off, youd find it here!
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Published 01.12.2018

Top 5 - Computer Gadgets You Must Have

Inventions, mostly, change the world for good by filling up gaps between our expectations and the available products. Since time unclocked, curiosity-driven and purposeful humans have invented innumerable objects that have not only helped the humankind at that moment but also inspired many other inventions, and the trend has been ever-growing. At present, the world witnesses millions of new inventions every day.
National Geographic Kids

15 Inventions That Will Make Your 2019 a Lot More Interesting

Each January, tech companies from around the world gather in Las Vegas to show off their latest efforts at CES, formerly called the Consumer Electronics Show, the biggest gadget show of the year. This year was all about improving communication between smart home gadgets, making the car feel more personal, and putting screens everywhere imaginable. The sensor itself is battery-free and includes an NFC antenna, a temperature sensor, and a UV sensor. That sensor, which can store up to three months worth of data, passes information to the accompanying app whenever the wearer holds the device close to his or her smartphone. The app keeps track of your exposure levels and can provide tips for managing sun intake. When asking Google for restaurant recommendations, for example, the Smart Display will pull up information about nearby eateries. At CES, the company showcased its 3E Robotics concept, which includes several robot companions all designed to serve different functions.

Each year there are countless new products and inventions on the market. This list includes some of the most exciting products to come out over the years. The past two to three years have seen a wide array of promising inventions enter the prototyping stage, or even break into the market. From gadgets that make lives easier, to products that disrupt an entire industry, innovators, entrepreneurs and engineers are hard at work to create a better, smarter, and even more exciting world. Now may have already started but do not worry you still have time to kick start your year off with the right product or invention. The Xbox adaptive controller is here to make the gaming world more inclusive. The product itself was inspired by previous efforts made by groups like the Cerebral Palsy Foundation.

Lenovo Smart Display

Wallpaper-thin TVs, drones that can dive underwater, and a computer the size of a credit card. Those are only a few of the gadgets that have been unveiled this week at the annual CES gadget expo in Las Vegas, where companies in the tech, automotive, and home appliance industries flaunt their latest innovations. - Accessibility On-Demand Eyes for the Blind.

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