Survivors 2008 tv series episodes

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survivors 2008 tv series episodes

Survivors by Terry Nation

Whilst the recent TV series is clearly based on this novel - several of the main characters are there, as are key episodes - it has its own pace and scale. The onset and aftermath of the Death are well delivered, to the extent that we as quickly become innured to the scale of the morbidity as do the protagonists. We immediately become caught up in their daily struggle for survival. The post-apocalyptic world, and the variety of ways in which its inhabitants conduct themselves, is very much in the tradition of John Wyndhams tales.

At times, however, the book doesnt ring quite true. Written in the seventies, it shows its age in a number of minor details, and isnt shy of presenting a gallery of stock characters from those days. More irritatingly, here and there are inconsistencies in the narrative - encounters with other groups of survivors, for example, are rarely followed though to a logical conclusion, though when this is done the excitement and interest are built up to page-turning level. Similarly, in places the time-scale leaps around unsatisfyingly, from second-by-second action to whole seasons in the space of a paragraph.

The final scene is a surprise, well enough, though the revelation is flagged up more obviously than HMS Victory at the Nile; but Terry Nation leaves us wanting more, which is probably the best place to end.

Id very much like to see a re-write of this book, as I feel the TV programmes addressed some of the ommissions. These criticisms apart, Survivors is a good read overall, not overly demanding and, indeed, thought-provoking.
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The virus strikes - Survivors - BBC

List of Survivors episodes may refer to: List of Survivors ( TV series) episodes List of Survivors ( TV series) episodes.
Terry Nation

Episode #1.1

The BBC declined to commission a third series. Brought to the screen by showrunner and lead script writer Adrian Hodges , the programme was a 're-imagining' of the classic end-of-the-world drama Survivors , devised by Terry Nation shown on BBC1 between and , and drew its initial inspiration from Nation's Survivors novel. All three series of the original Survivors and both series of the new Survivors are available for purchase on Region 1 and Region 2 DVD. Both series of the new Survivors are also available for purchase through iTunes. The cancelled show attracted renewed audience interest in the US, when both series one and series two of Survivors were licenced by the Netflix , Amazon Instant Video and Hulu service streaming services.

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Post-apocalyptic drama series. When a devastating virus wipes out most of the world's population, a handful of survivors are left struggling to stay alive in a deadly new world. Britain is in the grip of a deadly flu virus, which is now spreading throughout the world. When people start dying in their millions, a handful of survivors are left struggling to stay alive as society crumbles around them. Abby Grant is a housewife and mother who begins the desperate search for her son. On her journey she meets a variety of people whom fate has spared.

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