Elder brother of evelyn waugh

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elder brother of evelyn waugh

My Brother Evelyn & Other Profiles by Alec Waugh

Author, publisher, traveller, cricketer, lover of wine: Alec Waugh has been all these in the course of a life which has brought him a host of friends around the world. He is a warm person who knows a good friend when he sees one and is revered by all those with whom there has been mutual acceptance.

This book contains his memories of many famous writers and some figures no longer so well remembered in the period between the wars.

The section which will, no doubt, command the most attention is that devoted to the youth of his younger brother Evelyn. This throws invaluable light on the early years of a great but difficult man and reveals an insight which only one so close as a brother could have.
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Alec Waugh

Alec Waugh, Man of Letters

Arthur Evelyn St. He is recognised as one of the great prose stylists of the English language in the 20th century. He worked briefly as a schoolmaster before he became a full-time writer. As a young man, he acquired many fashionable and aristocratic friends and developed a taste for country house society. He travelled extensively in the s, often as a special newspaper correspondent; he reported from Abyssinia at the time of the Italian invasion. He was a perceptive writer who used the experiences and the wide range of people whom he encountered in his works of fiction, generally to humorous effect. Waugh's detachment was such that he fictionalised his own mental breakdown which occurred in the early s.

Arthur Evelyn St. John Waugh October 28, — April 10, was an English writer known for his acute satire and acerbic, dark humor. Waugh is best known for his novel, Brideshead Revisited, along with several other successful works. Evelyn Waugh's life can be divided into two very distinct stages, that of a lost and disillusioned youth and that of a faithful, religious family man. During his college days, he partied constantly and participated in acts for which he later felt very penitent. His life changed when he met and married his second wife, Laura Herbert.

Alexander Raban "Alec" Waugh 8 July — 3 September , was a British novelist, the elder brother of the better-known Evelyn Waugh and son of Arthur Waugh , author, literary critic, and publisher. Waugh was born in London, and educated at Sherborne School , a public school in Dorset. The result of his experiences was his first, semi-autobiographical novel, The Loom of Youth , in which he dramatized his schooldays. The Loom of Youth was so controversial at the time it mentioned homosexual relationships between boys, albeit in a very understated, staid fashion that Waugh remains the only former pupil to be dismissed from the former students society The Old Shirburnian Society. It was also a best seller. In the mids Alec donated the original manuscript, press clippings and correspondence with the publisher to the Society.


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