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audio speeches of winston churchill

Never Give In!: The Best of Winston Churchills Speeches by Winston S. Churchill

Winston Churchill was the most eloquent and expressive statesman of his time. It was as an orator that Churchill became most completely alive, and it was through his oratory that his words made their greatest and most enduring impact. While the definitive collection of Churchills speeches fills eight volumes, here for the first time, his grandson, Winston S. Churchill, has put together a personal selection of his favorite speeches in a single, indispensable volume. He has chosen from his grandfathers entire output and thoughtfully introduces each selection. The book covers the whole of Churchills life, from the very first speech he made to those of his last days. It includes some of Churchills best-known speeches as well as some that have never before been published in popular form. Today, Sir Winston Churchill is revered as an indomitable figure and his wisdom is called upon again and again. Reading these speeches, from the perspective of a new century, we can once again see Sir Winston Churchills genius and be moved and inspired by his words.
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Now available on BBC Radio 4, “Churchill's Passions: – five 15 minute essays written and narrated by Andrew Roberts from his new book Churchill: Walking.
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W inston C hurchill. Your browser does not support the audio element. I speak to you for the first time as Prime Minister in a solemn hour for the life of our country, of our empire, of our allies, and, above all, of the cause of freedom. A tremendous battle is raging in France and Flanders. The Germans, by a remarkable combination of air bombing and heavily armored tanks, have broken through the French defenses north of the Maginot Line , and strong columns of their armored vehicles are ravaging the open country, which for the first day or two was without defenders. They have penetrated deeply and spread alarm and confusion in their track. Behind them there are now appearing infantry in lorries, and behind them, again, the large masses are moving forward.

Here Churchill sets out his trenchant view on the very characteristics of the House of Commons and on the planned rebuilding of the Chamber, destroyed by an enemy bomb on the night of 10 May Receiving the Freedom of the City of London. The whole of North Africa was cleared of the enemy. A quarter of a million prisoners were cooped in our cages. Everyone was very proud and delighted. There is no doubt that people like winning very much.

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But this victory was a hollow one. The soldiers were only saved thanks to a curious halt order from the German command, and the Nazis were just days away from entering Paris. - His wartime speeches famously gave the British lion its roar during the darkest days of the Second World War. Churchill believed, unsurprisingly, in the romantic power of speeches.

British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Churchill is often referred to as the greatest orator of the 20th century. The speeches he made during the summer of established the policy of 'no surrender', and made people feel they were not alone in the struggle against Hitler. He had a supreme command of English, but he was not a natural public speaker. He would often practise his speeches for many hours and had a slight stammer and lisp.

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