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joker no face new 52

The Joker: Death of the Family by Scott Snyder

After having his face sliced off one year ago, The Joker makes his horrifying return in this new epic that features Batmans entire network of partners in crimefighting, including Batgirl, Catwoman, Nightwing, Robin, the Teen Titans and more. While The Joker threatens the very existence of Gotham City, these heroes --and villains--must find a way to survive.

Collecting: Detective Comics 16-17, Catwoman 13-14, Batgirl 14-16, Red Hood and the Outlaws 15-16, Teen Titans 15, Nightwing 15-16, Batman and Robin 15-17, Batman 13, 17; & material from Detective Comics 15, Suicide Squad 14-15, Batgirl 13, Red Hood and the Outlaws 13-14, Teen Titans 14, 16; Nightwing 14, & Batman 14
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Published 02.12.2018

The Joker Origins? (Endgame Backup) - Complete Story - Comicstorian

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Scott Snyder

The 7 Most Twisted Joker Moments in Comic Book History

Joker was is an insane villian with a love for chaos. Whatever his origin was, the first sightings of the Joker began to happen during the Zero Year. At this time, the Joker had not yet taken that specific name and covered his face with wrapped bandages. At this point, this man started to hunt down members of the Red Hood Gang, while also taking an interest in Jason Todd. This man followed Todd to the place the remnants of the gang would be meeting and massacred the remaining members of the gang. His notorious murders growing, the man quickly gained the title of the Joker and due to concrete proof of his existance, became a larger media sensation than the Batman. The Joker confirmed his existence when he murdered Henry Claridge while the man was under police custody.

However, the Joker's role going forward is unclear. So far, his main purpose has been to set up the situation in Gotham City - to explain Batman's motivation for investigating the metals he's recently discovered and their properties of immortality. But just in case the Joker continues to be a key player in the event, we continue our Dark Nights: Metal series by taking a look at this version of the Joker, how he got to this point, and what Snyder has said about his role in Metal. When the "New 52" launched, the Joker literally had his face surgically removed, the moment captured as a shocking ending to September 's Detective Comics 1. The faceless Joker wasn't seen again for more than a year, until the character returned - with straps holding the skin of his face in place - in October during Snyder and Capullo's Batman storyline "Death of the Family. The story, which had the Joker trying to get Batman's attention by attacking his family, established that Batman and Joker's past confrontations did happen, although within the "New 52"'s more compressed timeline. Still included in his "greatest hits" were the murder of Jason Todd and the crippling of Barbara Gordon.

The Joker has been an iconic character in comic books for decades. The personality, the murders, the malicious laughter, and his smiling face. The Joker and his face have been through a lot over the years, but in the past three years his face alone has been through more than ever. Tony S. Daniel, writer of Detective Comics 1 of the New 52, decided it was time for the Joker to be revamped. At the end of the first issue, the Joker finds himself in a room in Arkham Asylum, where he arranged to meet fellow Batman villain, the Dollmaker. The Dollmaker is a master surgeon who enjoys cutting people apart and sewing them back together in strange, twisted ways.

The story involves the return of Batman's archenemy, the Joker , and his plan to destroy all of the people Batman has come to rely on over the years: the multiple Robins , Batgirl , Catwoman , Alfred Pennyworth , and Commissioner James Gordon. Following DC Comics relaunch of several of its comic series for The New 52 , Detective Comics 1 November sees the Joker captured by Batman and sent to Arkham Asylum; unbeknownst to Batman, this is part of the Joker's plan to meet with the villain Dollmaker , who surgically removes Joker's face at his request and then pins it to Joker's cell wall as a sign of his rebirth.
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  1. In the backup story, Two-Face demands to be included in Batman's death, but Joker Joker failed to acknowledge him and Batman realized that he did not care who . The return of the Joker since his initial New 52 appearance in Detective.

  2. Hey I just started reading Batman with issue 13 and I was wondering how come The Joker let Dollmaker cut his face off?

  3. The Joker has done a lot of heinous shit to other people, but rarely has he messed with the man in the mirror.

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