Thomas jefferson beale treasure found

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thomas jefferson beale treasure found

The Beale Treasure by R.J. Hendricks II

Trouble follows bounty hunter Frank Vito wherever he goes. But when he arrives in Lynchburg, Virginia, in the spring of 1885, what he discovers there is far worse than he expected. His partner, who sent for him, has been murdered while in pursuit of a dangerous bounty.

And the killer isn’t done yet.

Vito is fighting against time, the townspeople of Lynchburg, and a sheriff seemingly determined to cover up every detail about the crime. However, he must follow the trail his dead partner left behind, and uncover the truth lurking in the shadows of this small town.

Then he meets Ellie, a fiery woman in search of the storied Beale Treasure, and everything changes.

Inspired by true events, The Beale Treasure: A Frank Vito Bounty Hunter Series, is a gun-blasting Western, full of grit and spirit, that will keep your heart racing right up until the stunning conclusion.
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Myth Hunters S03 - Ep12 The Mystery of Thomas Beale's...

10 Interesting Facts about the Lost Beale Treasure

The story of the three ciphertexts originates from an pamphlet detailing treasure being buried by a man named Thomas Jefferson Beale in a secret location in Beale entrusted the box containing the encrypted messages with a local innkeeper named Robert Morriss and then disappeared, never to be seen again. The innkeeper gave the three encrypted ciphertexts to a friend before he died. The friend then spent the next twenty years of his life trying to decode the messages, and was able to solve only one of them which gave details of the treasure buried and the general location of the treasure. He published all three ciphertexts in a pamphlet, although most of the originals were destroyed in a warehouse fire. However, in Joe Nickell published a scholarly analysis of the papers, using historical records that cast doubt on the existence of "Beale" and linguistic evidence showing they were not written at the time alleged. Evidence from writing style showed that "Beale" was almost certainly James B.

If they wanted to discover Thomas J. Beale's buried treasure, they'd have to search like ciphers. Each number represents a letter of the alphabet, which can be found by In the early s, a Pennsylvania church group tore up the Jefferson.
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The Beale Ciphers

The mystery of the Beale Treasure originates from a small pamphlet published in It includes the story of buried treasure left undiscovered, and encourages you to find it. The pamphlet describes how a man named Thomas J. Robert Morriss, according to the pamphlet, was entrusted with a safe box in by Beale before he journeyed back out west for a third time to finish his work there. The person chosen by Beale was Morriss. The box given to Morris is claimed to have contained 2 letters written by Beale to Morriss, revealing the true nature of his travels and buried treasure, and 3 different numerical codes, providing the exact location of the treasure hoard, contents of the buried treasure, and names for whom the treasure belonged to.

For the past century, the quest to break these codes has attracted the military, computer scientists, and conspiracy theorists. All have failed. Which raises the question: Are the ciphers and the treasure even real? The medium gazed into the crystal ball and looked deeply into the past. The year was , and the room in which he sat was dimly lit.

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