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raman sharma beyond scared straight

Manhattan Mango by Madhuri Iyer

Q. What happens when three ambitious, high-achieving, 20-something Mumbaikars become New Yorkers?

A. Madness.

Zipping through life’s ups and downs like a high-speed elevator during rush hour, buddies Shri, Shanks, and Neel hold on to each other, and their sanity, with a bro-hood bonding that chipkos them together, fevicol se.

Neel’s the driven hedge fund guy, with a weakness for scotch and women. Tam Brahm Shanks, a techie, falls for the wrong” girl. Good Son Shri, a banker, holds a secret he means to take to his grave. Their intertwined lives buzz with high-voltage drama — explosive secrets, super-charged romances, and a-fuse-a-minute meltdowns.

There’s alcohol-fueled passion, Devdas style. Inter-racial hook-ups. Even a fake affair, because money can’t buy the real thing. When their skyscraper-sized dreams are tested, this “desified” saga of friends in Manhattan is like the city’s rapid transit express subway line. You won’t want any stops in between.
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Beyond Scared Straight: Unplanned Intimidation (Season 3 Flashback) - A&E

Trust begets trust.
Madhuri Iyer

Beyond Scared Straight: No More Second Chances (Season 2 Flashback) | A&E

Robin S. Sharma has captured the wisdom of the ages and made it relevant for these turbulent times. I couldn't put it down. Sharma is the next Og Mandino. A good read!

You have to watch "Beyond Scared Straight" right now! Indian dude named Raman Sharma is in charge, and offically laying the smack down!.
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A new dawn. The sun dawns itself like any other day, through the glimmering leaves of a coconut tree, aspiring to converge with the sky.

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She was visiting a burns ward in India to make a documentary about acid attack survivors for a university project. The next day, she abandoned the idea for the documentary; instead, she registered a non-governmental organisation to support such victims, thus setting out on a different course of life from the one she knew surrounded by domestic helpers and chauffeurs. Today, the year-old is a global voice for these victims. They include a woman in Myanmar who started a restaurant providing street children with education, food and shelter, a Korean graduate inventing devices for the blind, such as a braille smartwatch, and a Cambodian engineer building robots to defuse landmines. Ms Sharma on the cover of the India Today magazine, making a name for herself. For Ms Sharma, her work with acid attack victims is a contrast to the way she grew up — in a household where she was expected to do little. Mr Raman Sharma.


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