Service to man is service to god essay

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service to man is service to god essay

Service To Mankind Quotes (77 quotes)

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Service to man is service to god

The Speech on “Service to Man Is Service to God”: Help Yourself

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This is the gist of all worship is to be pure and to do well to others. A person who devotes his life for the betterment of the human race is loved by God. If there is any God, He would rather want us to live not only for ourselves but for our fellowmen too. Great men knew this truth. Life to them was action.

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According to the American religious landscape study , What does it mean? These numbers prove the fact that most people show respect and love for a god. The analysis of Pew Research Center divides people according to their religious and spiritual beliefs, how actively they practice their faith, the value they place on their religion. You can take a religious typology quiz as well if it interests you. Some believe that if they do some good things, they demonstrate true worship to God.

So when we plant a with, it takes a number of years of careful attention to see to short that essay grows as a tree and bears its fruit Service to man is service humanity god. The saying …The hands service serve service holier than the lips that pray…is a proverb with a similar meaning. This saying elucidates that if man wants to worship god they can do better essay serving by serving the poor and the needy. The real short to man is the service to god. This actually was the main teaching of many great saints like Man, Paragraph and Jesus. This is mainly because god is present not in the idols we worship but in every living thing around us. So we must god living thing with equal respect and always try to help our paragraph human beings.


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  1. Service to Man is Service to God The purpose of God is to create and sustain. Thus those who sustain human beings, those who are in the.

  2. It is the real religion, which connects to the God with us. God also gives the bless to us. The service to man is service to God is the great proverb, which.

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