Words to describe oliver twist

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words to describe oliver twist

Oliver Twist Quotes by Charles Dickens

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Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist is meant to appeal more to our sentiments than to our literary sensibilities. Some people thimk that Oliver is not a believable character, as he is raised in corrupt surroundings, and yet still able to retain his purity and virtue. Dickens uses the character of Oliver to challenge Victorian concepts that paupers and criminals are already evil at birth, that evil is innate and inborn. He argues that although a corrupt environment my be an important source of vice; environment is not the defining factor. Oliver is incorruptible. He is appalled at being forced to participate in burglary.

Oliver Twist

The company is committed to delivering a high quality performance that combines learning with entertainment. Oliver is born in a workhouse to an unknown mother, who dies in childbirth. The boys are harshly treated, and when Oliver is urged by the other boys to ask for more food, he is removed from the workhouse and apprenticed to Sowerberry, an undertaker. He is apprehended when the real thieves bungle a theft but escape, leaving Oliver to face the music. The victim, Mr Brownlow, is, however, convinced that Oliver is innocent and secures his release when he is brought before the magistrate. Brownlow takes Oliver home with him, and word of this gets back to Fagin, whose concern is that Oliver will lead the Bow Street Runners to his den.

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