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description of old lady face

Aging Gracefully Quotes (69 quotes)

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Published 02.12.2018

Detailed Work Of Wrinkled Face Old Lady Portrait In Pencil Shading

Describing characters: How to describe faces imaginatively

Describing characters imaginatively is an essential skill when writing fiction. Ready to write great characters? Does she glare, unblinking? Are her brows knitted together? Description of eye colour is often used in place of eye descriptions that give characters more personality or individuality. Overuse of facial tics is a common pitfall.

Tip 1: Use gestures more than easy adjectives

If I'm half the woman my Grandmother was, I'll be a titan. In each smile she was a queen, in her thoughts wisdom flowed, that old heart of hers was the source of so much I cherish. Some search all their days to find someone so wonderful, yet I got to grow up in her arms and learn from a master of the soul. She was my blessing, my home. I gaze at the old woman before me. At her age she should have one foot in the grave. Her gait should be wonky with arthritic joints and eyesight failing faster than my school grades.

Because what you see is not always what you get. Current grandmothers, if they have the funds, opt for veneers or dental implants that permanently screw into the jawbone. Both of my grandmothers were old timey one-room schoolteachers who never worked outside the home once they married. Modern grandmothers prefer to stay active and often that means working until a ripe retirement age maybe longer. Fashion comes and goes but my grandmothers were never seen in anything but modest, below-the-knee dresses or slacks no matter the fashion.

How do you create a memorable female character? It helps if you get it right from the very beginning, as Joseph L. Mankiewicz did in his screenplay for All About Eve when he introduced the woman who would be played by Bette Davis. She is childish, adult, reasonable, unreasonable usually one when she should be the other, but always positive. Not every screenwriter takes the time to pen such a vivid character introduction some include few details other than an estimated age or a few quick adjectives, preferring instead to let their dialogue do the talking but many of our most famous screen women were originally created in those carefully composed sentences that few besides the actress, her writer, and their crew were lucky enough to read. Vulture has rifled through countless old screenplays to find the descriptions for 50 notable female characters, which we present to you below. The women are young and old, heroine and foe, star and supporting character, but they were all born on the page.

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