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everyone who dies in infinity war

Infinity Gauntlet by Jim Starlin

This was a loaner from my neighbor and not something that I would have normally picked out for myself. Cause its...old. And the art looks...old. It even smelled...old.
As I read over the blurb on the back, I was like, Hey, Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet? Isnt that the theme for that cartoon that my kids like so much? Superhero Squad!
...and then my son snatched it. Honestly, I didnt fight him for it either. I mean, it looked so...old.


But a few days later, when I heard him telling his brother about how Dr. Strange and the Silver Surfer helped Adam Warlock save the universe, I decided that I should probably make sure this was suitable reading material for children. Um, you know, just to be a responsible parent...and all that.

Considering the fact that there are actually people who ask me for advice because Im old and therefore wise, I should know better than to judge a book by its ancient cover. But Im shallow. And I was shocked when I realized that this was good. Surprisingly good. It opened with Dr. Strange, so how could it not be?
Dont answer that.
So, yes. This is one of those stories that stand the test of time. Its not required reading, but it is fun.


Do you have to get past the overblown grandiose dialogue that was par for the course when this was written? Yes.
Personally, when I read something like this, the little narrator in my head sounds like William Shatner. Ive found it makes the reading experience a bit more fun.

Is the art slick eye-candy? No. It still looks...old. Its the kind of old that grows on you, though. Kinda like that crazy uncle who wont stop chain-smoking and talking about his Days in Nam...even though everyone in the family knows he actually spent that time in Canada. Just roll with it.

Anyway, check this out when you get in the mood for wacky/fun space opera set in the Marvel universe!

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Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War

Who Died in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’?

This may come as super surprising news to some folks, but a lot of people die in Avengers: Infinity War. So many people and one talking tree die in fact that it may be hard to keep track of who exactly bit the dust. The world's hunkiest master of the mystique arts didn't survive the desolation of Thanos See what we did there? Aside from knowing that Doctor Strange will star in his own sequel, he'll also most likely live to see another day due to the fact that he's the only guy qualified enough to handle the time stone. Last time people checked, anybody who requires oxygen to live will die in space. We don't think Ebony Maw is returning. He literally and immediately turned into somebody's frozen grandpa when he floated off into the Milky Way.

Last year, Avengers: Infinity War became one of the highest grossing movies of all time. Along with that, Infinity War sparked a debate among fans that has lasted half a year. But it's not really a cliffhanger. It never has been. And shortly after the stunning success of Black Panther , it was confirmed that there would be a sequel on the way. So, as audiences sat in the theater and watched Peter Parker and T'Challa die, they knew in the back of their minds that these characters would be back.

If you're looking for the ending of Avengers: Endgame, click here instead! Thanos won. Half of your favorites are dead. What a bummer of an ending, right? Check out our complete breakdown of the Avengers: Endgame trailer here! The movie even lulled comic book fans into a false sense of security. Instead, he uses the Gauntlet to wipe out half of all life, not just on Earth, but in the entire universe.

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If you're looking for Avengers: Endgame info, go here instead! Avengers: Infinity War does not skimp on its death count. This is an MCU movie with real consequences in which we see many of our favorite characters die. Therefore, we've compiled this handy guide for who dies in Infinity War —complete with how they died, who only maybe died, and which characters might have a chance of coming back in Avengers: Endgame. Note: This article does not include minor villains because who has time for that? Most of the characters who die in Infinity War are taken out with Thanos' finger-snapping in the film's third act, but there's still some old-fashioned MCU death elsewhere in the movie.

Spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers obviously, read the headline! That milestone is part of a shift that has already introduced, and will continue to introduce, even more new superheroes as others phase out. But one of the best things about Avengers: Infinity War is how it subverted those expectations. Will they be back? The deaths of Infinity War happened in two very different ways. Several characters were straight-up murdered by Thanos, while others were erased from existence when he snapped his Infinity Gauntlet-adorned fingers.

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  1. You expected superheroes to die in Avengers: Infinity War. Thanos fulfilled his plan to destroy half of all life in the universe, and with the snap.

  2. Ever since Thanos clicked his fingers, the question of who died in Avengers: Infinity War has been bigger than Knowhere.

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