Principios de ingenieria de cimentaciones

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principios de ingenieria de cimentaciones

Ingenieria de Cimentaciones - Fundamentos E Intro. by Manuel Delgado Vargas

- Expone metodos geotecnicos de analisis de los asentamientos tanto a suelos cohesivos como a granulares, la capacidad portante de las cimentaciones superficiales y las principales soluciones elasticas.
- Aborda aspectos de la investigacion del subsuelo y el analisis estatico de los pilotes bajo carga vertical.
- Describe principios y convenciones extraidos de la realidad profesional, que en su mayoria ya han sido codificados en normas de diseno y construccion.
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203282 Geotecnia y Cimentaciones - Tema 1 - Conceptos basicos de geologia

Braja M. Corporativo Santa Fe Av.
Manuel Delgado Vargas

Principios de ingenieria de cimentaciones

Table of Contents. He was born in the city port of Veracruz, Mexico on November 27, , he completed his undergraduate studies in , having received the degree of Civil Engineer from the National University of Mexico in He pursued graduate studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he majored in structural engineering and was awarded the degree of Master in Civil Engineering in In he was invited by Dr. Karl Terzaghi to work with him in soil mechanics assignments at the University of Illinois where he held the post of Visiting Research Fellow in structural engineering and where he received the degree of Doctor in Philosophy Ph. In he collaborated with Prof. Terzaghi in the investigation of the stability of hydraulic fill dams built at the turn of the century by the Mexican Light and Power Company.

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