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speech on technology in hindi

Technology Quotes (1468 quotes)

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Published 03.12.2018

Short Essay on Technology for School Children - High School

IBM launches Hindi speech recognition technology

The TTS software allows people with visual impairments or reading disabilities to listen to written works on a computer or a mobile device. Text to Speech system when integrated with screen reader would enable visually challenged users to interpret and perform computer operations with audio interface. Thus TTS system integrated with screen reader would be a potential assistive technology which will help visually challenged section and learning disabled section of the society to use the benefits of ICT and knowledge sharing. The TTS facility has pitch and rate control features. This will enable TTS to proliferate in Mobile devices in Indian languages and citizens would be able access information through voice interface on mobile.

Chennai: A speech recognition technology for Hindi has been developed by software major IBM which would help less literate and physically challenged persons among the speakers of the language,access information through a variety of applications. The technology which helps transcribe continuous Hindi speech instantly into text form, could find use in a variety of applications like voice-enabled ATMs, car navigation systems, banking, telecom, railways and airlines, said Dr Daniel Dias, Director, IBM India Research Laboratory. The technology also has integrated many user-friendly features such as facility to convert text to digits and decimals, date and currency format, and into fonts which could be imported to any windows-based application. The technology also would enable C-DAC to ensure high-level accuracy in Hindi translation in a host of domains including administration, finance, agriculture and small scale industry. You are now subscribed to our newsletters.

In this paper, the authors have used 2-layer feed forward neural network for Hindi dialect recognition. A Dialect is a pattern of pronunciation of a language used by a community of native speakers belonging to the same geographical region. In this work, speech features have been explored to recognize four major dialects of Hindi. Speech corpus for this work is collected from 15 speakers including both male and female from each dialect. The syllables of CVC structure is used as processing unit. Spectral features MFCC and prosodic features duration and pitch contour are extracted from speech for discriminating the dialects.

Long and Short Speech on Technology

India has made considerable progress in the field of science and technology. For this we are greatly indebted to Nehru, the architect of modern India. He realized that the progress in science and technology would lead India on the path of prosperity and fulfil the needs of her teeming millions. Unlike Gandhiji, he believed that cottage and Khadi industries would not be of any great help to India. We have achieved self-sufficiency in food grains. The work done by the-Indian Council of Agricultural Research and other agricultural colleges and universities has helped greatly in stepping up production. The contribution made by Dr.

The topic Technology is a very interesting subject to write on, especially when it is to be addressed in relation with the students. Moreover, teachers often ask their students to prepare speech on technology with its positive as well as negative effects on human beings. Here, on our portal we help you out with both short speech on technology as well as long speech on technology so that all learners can draw benefit out of these speeches. The content that we provide is easy to understand and can help students to learn all about technology and its wide-ranging uses. I stand here today to deliver a succinct speech on technology and how it has greatly affected our lives. Presently, each and every day, a novel application or software is being introduced in the economy that serves to enhance and uplift the lifestyle of the people in innumerable ways; hence making our lives better and full of smart components.

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