When bad things happen to good marriages

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when bad things happen to good marriages

When Bad Things Happen to Good Marriages: How to Stay Together When Life Pulls You Apart by Les Parrott III

I found the book very insightful. I particularly liked the section where the authors discuss how good marriages battle bad things as well as its discussion on spirituality. The spirituality discussion made me realized that I may not speak the same language as my partner and that is ok. It made me want to learn more about it and prove about its importance within my marriage. The book did not apply to me in some of the topics but the overall message was very important and very well presented. As a lesbian reader battling minor issues in my marriage, I think it applies to all couples gay or straight.

I did not like the fact that a workbook has to be purchase separately in order to follow with the exercises. However, some pointers/questions/recommendations were given at the end of each chapter which is a start.

The book, I felt, did not cover things in much detail but did a good job explaining issues for an overall understanding or a general view of things. Definitely, a book that must be combined with other reads in order to achieve a full understanding (but then again can you ever read enough books to really understand marriage????).

The book reads as follows:

1. As good as it gets

2. Every marriage starts out good

3. Three good things that turn bad for good couples (when intimacy becomes an invasion, when babies become a burden, and when sex becomes a thing of the past)

4. One good thing every marriage can improve (attitude)

5. Six bad things that sneak up on good marriages (business, irritation, boredom, drift, debt, and pain)

6. Four bad things that jolt a good marriage to their core (addiction, infidelity, loss, infidelity)

7. How good marriages battle bad things (ownership, hope, empathy, forgiveness, commitment)

8. Why the soul of a good marriage so often aches (spirituality)

9. The good that comes from a good marriage (happiness, health, wealth)
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When Bad Things Happen to Good Marriages: How to Stay Together When Life Pulls You Apart

Every time I get a divorce, I keep the house. Every year millions of formerly happy couples get divorced. Every year those men and women who thought "it could never happen to me" find that divorce does, indeed, happen to them--and millions of couples just like them. Every year millions of people find themselves divorced and dealing with the fallout; the fallout of tapped-out resources, dried-up funds, bleak futures and a deep mistrust for society at large. Every year millions of people go bankrupt, move, share custody of their children and even their pets and restart their lives as a result of a divorce that got nastier than they expected, sooner than they expected, lasted longer than they expected and took more than they expected out of them: body, money, mind, future and soul.

No marriage is invulnerable. When the going gets tough, what will it take to preserve and even strengthen your union? Destructive forces can become catalysts for new relational depth - provided you make wise choices. This book could help make This book could help make the difference. What happens when bad things happen to good marriages? In this book, the Parrotts talk about how every marriage begins well but eventually bumps into a few bad things.

And we both really stink at playing God. After 17 years of marriage, we started attending an ongoing Bible study group to guard our hearts because we knew how fleshly they can be. After arriving home from class with clenched teeth, I quickly tucked our kids in and then shut our bedroom door behind us for our heated disagreement. Living with four intuitive kids who sense disharmony by any tone alteration nipped that. We have also learned voice-raising exacerbates whatever issue we are disagreeing over. But here we were, acting human.

Relationship experts Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott explore how to handle the bad things that happen in marriages. If you have this book go ahead and post it here and your listing will appear for all students at your school who have classes requiring this specific book.
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