False allegations during custody battle

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false allegations during custody battle

Outside The Box Quotes (23 quotes)

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Published 03.12.2018

Dr. Phil Sets Divorced Couple Straight on Parental Alienation, False Accusations

Help for Parents Wrongly Accused of Child Abuse

The most common false allegations made are allegations of child molestation, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. Allegations of drug and alcohol abuse are slightly less common, as are allegations of mental or psychiatric problems. Most currently available information suggests that wives are more likely to make false accusations than husbands. When made in the context of custody disputes, mothers are the overwhelming majority of false accusers, in part because they are more likely to be believed than fathers who make similar accusations. What steps should I take?

But it's a flawed strategy. As a result, any and all claims of abuse will be thoroughly investigated by the court. So even though plenty of parents try it, making false allegations in an attempt to win child custody rarely pays off. This can become quite intrusive, like child protective services questions people close to you about your behavior and your parenting. As uncomfortable as it is, you should comply with the investigation and be as cooperative as possible. This may include statements by your family members, co-workers, friends, or neighbors anyone who can vouch that you are a loving parent and would never harm your children.

The Allegations of the Spouse

The accusing parent often feels as if the accusations will work in their own favor, giving him or her full custody of the children. How you deal with the false accusations will determine the outcome. The courts will have to go through a predefined procedure in order to determine the accusations are false, so you will have to cooperate with the law; at the same time, it is important to understand your rights.

Divorcing couples have to agree to several compromises when they decide to split with their spouses. Depending on the reasons for a divorce, the process can quickly become contentious and bitter. Unfortunately, some divorcing parents use their children as props in divorce proceedings , sometimes going so far as to make false allegations of child abuse against the other parent. There are several measures in place aimed at preventing divorcing parents from doing so, and it is crucial for all divorcing couples to understand the importance of being truthful in divorce proceedings. The Orange County Court system always rules in the best interests of children in any divorce.

It seems like everyone knows a story about false allegations during child custody and divorce. One spouse points the finger at the other and receives a restraining order from the court. The wife or husband recognizes that doing this will, almost by default, give them custody of the children and exclusive use of the family home. The accused parent then must defend themselves in court and prove these allegations false. While false accusations are a legal mess, it is also terrible to have someone who you once shared a life make claims of either abuse or neglect. It is something no one is ever really prepared for.

False abuse allegations are more common in child custody cases than you might expect, and they can have a devastating effect on everyone involved. In fact, according to statistics reported by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources Child Protective Services , there were 37, reported cases of abuse in their state. Out of these cases, only 3, were found to be valid. If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence or child abuse as part of your child custody case, there are a number of effective ways to protect you and your child. If your divorce has become acrimonious, it's time to step back and begin carefully observing everything that your soon-to-be ex-wife does in order to protect yourself from possible false allegations. Help preserve your credibility as a father from these accusations by avoiding certain actions on your part.

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