Beck mongolian chop squad english

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beck mongolian chop squad english

BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad, Volume 12 by Harold Sakuishi

Overall Rating: A+
Synopsis: Beck is a manga by Harold Sakuishi that follows Koyuki, a junior high nerd. At the beginning of the series, Koyuki leads a boring life, with a pervert as his only friend. That all changes when he saves a strange looking dog named Beck, and meets the dogs owner, Ryuusuke. The two become friends, and Koyuki starts down the path to being cool.

Beck centers around a band formed by Ryuusuke, and its rise to fame, but thats not what the series is about. The manga primarily follows Koyuki, and focuses on his trouble with girls, trying to learn to play the guitar, getting extorted for money by a bully, and his failing grades. Oh, yeah, and his swimming lessons from Saitou-san. The series touches on Koyukis struggles in a way that makes the fact that he is becoming famous (at least at his school and in underground clubs) for his singing.

As the story progresses, it focuses more and more on the fledgling band, and its rise in popularity. At the end of volume 7, there is even an interesting subplot based around Ryuusukes guitar, Lucille. Its these little things, subplots that dont focus on the band itself, but on its members that make Beck one of the better manga out there. It makes the characters intriguing, and I identify with the geek in Koyuki. Maybe one day, I can be in a Japanese punk band...

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Beck episode 2 English dubed

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Harold Sakuishi

Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad

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It tells the story of a group of Japanese teenagers who form a rock band and their struggle to fame, focusing on year-old Yukio "Koyuki" Tanaka, who until meeting guitar prodigy Ryusuke Minami was an average teen with a boring life. The first volume was published in July , but the series was discontinued after the release of volume 12 in June In July , ComiXology began releasing the series digitally. The anime was given an English-language release by Funimation from in to Yukio Tanaka, known as "Koyuki" by his friends, is a regular year-old Japanese boy starting eighth grade in junior high school. His boring life is changed when he saves an odd-looking dog, named Beck, from some kids.

Shintarou Oohata Japanese. Chiba's vocals are more punk and rap oriented than Koyuki's and thus more fitting for the majority of BECK's songs. Chiba's inclusion in the band is early in the series after a baseball game in which a fight breaks out between both teams. Ryusuke later hears about how he's actually a pretty good vocalist with great stage presence and later uses him to convince Taira to join BECK. Chiba has a loud personality.

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