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dress code russian tea room

Rendezvous at the Russian Tea Rooms: The Spyhunter, the Fashion Designer & the Man From Moscow by Paul Willetts

Rendezvous at the Russian Tea Room provides the first comprehensive account of what was once hailed by a leading American newspaper as the greatest spy story of World War II. This dramatic yet little-known saga, replete with telephone taps, kidnappings, and police surveillance, centres on the furtive escapades of Tyler Kent, a handsome, womanising 28-year-old Ivy League graduate, who doubles as a US Embassy code clerk and Soviet agent.

Against the backdrop of London high society during the so-called Phoney War, Kent’s life intersects with the lives of the book’s two other memorably flamboyant protagonists. One of those is Maxwell Knight, an urbane, endearingly eccentric MI5 spyhunter. The other is Anna Wolkoff, a White Russian fashion designer and Nazi spy whose outfits are worn by the Duchess of Windsor and whose parents are friends of the British royal family. Wolkoff belongs to a fascist secret society called the Right Club, which aims to overthrow the British government. Her romantic entanglement with Tyler Kent gives her access to a secret correspondence between President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, a correspondence that has the potential to transform the outcome of the war.

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The Russian Tea Room Questions & Answers Our dress code is business casual. Not sure if there is a dress code but it's pretty upscale, we were "dressy .
Paul Willetts

Is there a dress code for afternoon tea?

Thank you for reaching out. Our dress code is business casual. Jeans and a nice shirt are acceptable. We look forward to seeing you. Our visit was in mid-August, so I a man got by without a jacket. But a jacket, with or without a tie, would have been more appropriate. As we get into the fall and beyond, I definitely would choose a jacket and very likely a tie.

Pickled red beets, seasonal vegetables and dill in a short rib and bacon broth served with a braised beef pirozhok or boiled potato and sour cream. Beef and foie gras filled dumplings in consomme finished with black truffle oil. Cherry braised duck and foie gras stuffed crepe with a pomegranate arugula salad and duck reduction. Red and golden beets tossed in mixed greens with blue cheese, pecans and a sherry vinaigrette. Cured and smoked tuna loin with fried and grilled artichoke and a lemon aioli. Butter poached lobster served with mushrooms, mixed fall squashes and pistachios.

The Russian Tea Room Questions & Answers We went for breakfast and dress was casual (not jeans and tee shirts casual), but shirts and pants. over a year.
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I always wanted to go to The Russian Tea Room, but I admit that I heard so many things about it: food not good and overpriced, and poor service, that it was on the bottom of my list. I mention it because I looked at the description of the restaurant and it said that the dress code was business casual meaning long sleeve shirts, no t-shirt or shorts. Well I guess that they are more relaxed for lunch, Midtown being full of tourists, because I saw many people wearing these supposedly not recommended outfits. The decor of this place, created in by former Russian Imperial Ballet members is incredible, a bit over the top, as if we were transported to the s. There is of course the bright red banquettes that seem to be made of plastic it is not , the chandeliers, and the multiple paintings on the walls not sure if there is any space left to hang another thing! The first experience on how pricey the place is is the cork fee: one of my friends brought a bottle of champagne from France for a celebration. We surely declined.

See photos and ratings of the restaurant, the tea, and the food. The Russian Tea Room does a slightly different tea service in that not all three courses come out at once. Instead, each course comes out separately. You do get to choose the tea though. The pricing is for each person and with each order you get a pot of tea and three courses consisting of tea sandwiches, scones, and sweets. This afternoon tea is priced higher since it comes with caviar. At the very least, dress smart casual but you can definitely dress up.

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