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there are no wrong answers only new lessons

Right And Wrong Quotes (240 quotes)

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Published 04.12.2018

When there's no wrong answers

We speak with the Teacher of the Year, Rodney Robinson.

There Are No Wrong Answers Only Wrong Questions

He needed to know something about the political make-up of Renaissance Italy, the dependence Romeo would have had on his family and the fact that every person he knew would have lived within the walls of Verona. We think that the more freedom students have, the better their eventual understanding will be. I think this is an example of the difference between the way novices and experts solve problems. Students will tend to find it easier to understand a text if they are given a contextual framework in which to place it. In the case of An Inspector Calls , the default framework is the murder mystery. There really are wrong answers in English, and there are most definitely badly thought out answers. This is an approach I think might have merit in a range of subjects, not just English.

This is fast becoming one of the most valuable books I have ever read. I would go as far as saying that I have a different perspective on things now because of that old paperback I found, complete with dog-ears and pencil-underlines from some previous owner. Today it helped me to answer one of the age-old problems on forums and question and answer websites. I picked up a question that could probably have been formatted better. It was a big paragraph of text with multiple question-marks against various sentences.

This section will not be visible in live published website. Blog Archives. Podcast Episodes. FAQ Reviews. I don't know about you, but I've found that students generally start off their education keen to learn, asking lots of questions and seemingly not too worried about getting things "wrong". Then something happens along the way most likely teenage hormones and test stress when fear of getting the answer wrong can paralyze them from sharing their thoughts for fear of "public humiliation" or failure. At the end of last term I recently had one of my students stay behind after class to tell me that she felt sad because she was getting laughed at for her contributions in all her lessons - she said the students are always careful to do it out of the classroom, away from the teacher's ears

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The conversations teachers are having in schools today could determine what our world looks like in the future. We give those teachers a voice through weekly conversations about the important issues of the day. Listen and get a teacherly take on the world. Hosted by public radio news anchor Kyle Palmer and a dedicated team of teachers. Listen on Apple Podcasts. This show is fearless I find this podcast fascinating as a 30 something without kids who cares passionately about how we're educating our youth.

The conversations teachers are having in schools today could determine what our world looks like in the future. The achievement gap between rich and poor students has hardly budged in 50 years. Emily Hanford from American Public Media explains. The teaching profession notoriously has trouble recruiting and retaining teachers of color. We discuss why that is and what can be done about it. The number for the National Suicide Helpline is

Getting young people to open up is partly about convincing them that there are no wrong answers. Proper Job Theatre Company does just that - even in the difficult arena of sex and relationships. Read more about their work. If sex was a metaphor what would it be? A question I asked to a group of 15 year olds from Huddersfield. Finding out how theatre and drama might help young people to open up and express their feelings, opinions and values on this rather contentious subject matter. So we embraced the challenge working with actors and deliverers from the company over a number of weeks exploring issues that were most relevant to them.

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