Black guy thinks hes invisible

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black guy thinks hes invisible

Black Coffee - Archive BBR: February BB: Invisible Man (Kisha and Joseph) Showing 1-50 of 68

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Published 05.12.2018

Magic For Humans - Justin Willman Makes This Guy Think He's Invisible - Netflix - Reaction

Watch this Netflix magician turn someone invisible - what happens after is hilarious

You see if I have learned something in my lifetime, as the younger sibling myself, is that sometimes, the best pranks are the ones that are planned out to the bone. Ensuring the prankster is well, blissfully unaware of what is about to happen. This is exactly what this family from North Carolina did. The family recorded Sammy sitting down on the sofa beneath a sheet that was being held by this older brother. He believed his brother was performing a magic trick on him and was going to turn him invisible. Like any year-old would, Sammy went along with it and it and trusted his big brother. Once the sheet was lifted, Sammy heard the roars and shocking exclamation from his family members, reassuring him that indeed, his brother had actually made him invisible.

Being invisible sounds like an immensely useful superpower if you could hide in plain sight, you could get away with almost anything. Everyone seems to love the idea of it, until they're actually invisible. People are convincing their little siblings that they're invisible, with the help of a blanket, some magic words, and a photo. The challenge comes from a scene in Magic For Humans, where magician Justin Willman pranked contestants into believing that they were invisible by getting the whole audience in on the joke. While one contestant used his newfound invisibility to steal people's lunches and air hump very aware audience members, the other spiraled into an existential crisis. For the challenge, the prankster will take a picture in front of an empty chair. Then, they'll sit down their kid sibling and cover them with a blanket.

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Netflix has a new magic six-part series called Magic For Humans. The show's star, magician Justin Willman , worked with an audience to help him pull off the trick in this clip. Working together, they make two guys believe they've become invisible, and they really , really do believe they can't be seen. I was a little worried about the second guy. I think "being invisible" broke his brain.

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