10 important facts about oprah winfrey

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10 important facts about oprah winfrey

An Enemy of the People by Henrik Ibsen

In An Enemy of the People, Ibsen places his main characters, Dr. Thomas Stockman, in the role of an enlightened and persecuted minority of one confronting an ignorant, powerful majority. When the physician learns that the famous and financially successful baths in his hometown are contaminated, he insists they be shut down for expensive repairs. For his honesty, he is persecuted, ridiculed, and declared an enemy of the people by the townspeople, included some who have been his closest allies.
First staged in 1883, An Enemy of the People remains one of the most frequently performed plays by a writer considered by many the father of modern drama.
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Top 10 Facts You Didn't Know About Oprah

36 Revealing Facts about Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah Winfrey, born Orpah Gail Winfrey, is an American media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer and philanthropist. Take a look below for 30 more fascinating and interesting facts about Oprah Winfrey. She was dubbed the Queen of all Media. She has been ranked as the greatest black philanthropist in American history. She was born into poverty in rural Mississippi to a teenage single mother and later raised in an inner city Milwaukee neighborhood. Oprah has stated that she was molested during her childhood and early teens and became pregnant at the age of 14, but her son died in infancy.

From the beginning of her career, Oprah has been an open book. She's delved into taboo topics on her groundbreaking talk show , shared all her favorite books , and opened up in her monthly O, The Oprah Magazine "What I Know For Sure" columns. But even the biggest Oprah superfans may not know certain tidbits about the O of O —so the team here at OprahMag. Even Oprah has that one thing that gets under her skin. It makes me sick just to think about it. The mogul's little-known-middle name is Gail—spelled slightly differently than her bestie.

Today I'm sharing some surprising facts about the "Queen of Media. Oprah Winfrey openly discussed her childhood sexual abuse suffered at the . Especially in blue-leaning major urban centers, an unabashedly feminine.
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Who Is Oprah Winfrey?

Known as a talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist, Oprah Gail Winfrey has achieved enormous success as a communicator and is considered by many to be the most influential woman in the world. Born into poverty, Oprah overcame many hardships, including a teen pregnancy and childhood molestation, to become a world-beating media mogul and the richest African-American woman in history. Oprah Winfrey was born to an unwed teen. According to her birth certificate, her actual name is Orpah, after a biblical character in the Book of Ruth. However, people kept mispronouncing it and eventually it stuck. She grew up living in poverty in Mississippi and was so poor that her wardrobe included dresses made of potato sacks, which the local children made fun of her for.

Oprah Winfrey is best known for hosting her own internationally popular talk show from to She was born on January 29, to an unwed teen in Kosciusko, Mississippi. As a child she was able to recite bible verses as her grandmother often took her to the church. She won the Miss Black Tennessee beauty pageant when she was 17 years old. Declan, Tobin. Tobin, Declan.

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