Lego harry potter character guide

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lego harry potter character guide

Character Guide by Samantha Swank

Welcome to the magical LEGO(R) Wizarding World of Harry Potter(TM)! Learn about all your favorite characters, from Hogwarts heroes like Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley to world-famous wizards like Albus Dumbledore and Godric Gryffindor!

Learn how many middle names Dumbledore has (a lot!) and which Hogwarts professor is secretly a werewolf. Every page is packed with fun facts and epic moments--and theres even a poster inside!
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LEGO Harry Potter Minifigure Blind Bag Feel Guide - All 22 Bags Opened!

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This is a convenient guide to all the Character Tokens found in LEGO Harry Potter: Years , you can print it out and use it as your checklist to help you find them all. Put anvil on curtain and build Specs case. Use Specs to build painting. Use WiLe to turn painting around and stand in front of painting. Use Specs to build 3 statues. Hermione Scarf - , Year 5, Level 2: dig up sticky wall next to exit. Use Weasley box to climb wall.

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There are characters available in the game. Of those, 72 are found by searching thoroughly while completing the 24 Story mode stages. The rest are hidden elsewhere throughout the game. Below, we'll list information about the location and cost of each character, along with tips about where to find them. Remember that you first must find character tokens throughout the world, then enter the shop in Diagon Alley to pay for those characters who you wish to actually use. Our list references the characters in the order that they are listed within the shop, not necessarily the order in which you will find them. Info: On the upper floor of the foyer, stop in front of a painting toward the right side while disguised as a Hufflepuff character and wave at the painting to part some red drapes leading further to the right, where a staircase awaits.

Jun Posted by J. Here are the different types of characters in Lego Harry Potter: Years , and what abilities each character has. If a specific variation is used, only that variation has that certain ability. Norris , Neville Longbottom Trevor. Mason, Mr. Mason, Milkman, Filch, Dobby.

Out Of The Dungeon -. Ron Girl Disguise : Have a character with a book use the bookcase near the entrance. Harry Hogwarts : At the end of the first area you will find a desk with a lock on it. Madam Malkin : At the beginning of the second area, blow the lock off the lockers to reveal the character and a springboard. A Jinxed Broom -. Fred Quidditch : A treasure chest can be found shortly after riding the broom across the gap. Harry Girl's Disguise : Look for the stairs near the portrait that activates the trapdoor.

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  2. Feb 16, With LEGO Harry Potter Years 5 7 having been released recently now is a great time to revisit the previous game in the series and finish up.

  3. Jun 2, In Lego Harry Potter: Years , there are characters to find and unlock. For each character you can find a round token, either lying around.

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