Resumen de la obra la casa de bernarda alba

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resumen de la obra la casa de bernarda alba

The Accidental Mouseketeer: Before and After The Mickey Mouse Club by Lonnie Burr


Lonnie Burr never wanted to be a Mouseketeer. When Disney offered him the ears, he turned them down. He was already an established child star, and he didnt want to take a chance on some oddball project involving Mouseketeers. The next day Lonnies mom got a call from Disney: If you dont accept our offer, your son will never work in this town again. Lonnie took the offer. He became famous, his face on magazine covers, the idol of millions of fans, across the world. And then, in 1959, it was over.

What does a Mouseketeer do when the Clubhouse closes?

Lonnie Goes to Hollywood
Long before Walt Disney drafted Lonnie into the ranks of the original Mouseketeers, he was starring in films and television shows as a child actor. He appeared on The Colgate Comedy Hour, and had a recurring role on one of the first sitcoms, The Ruggles, now lost except for a few episodes and clips. (Lonnie costarred on that show with Margaret Kerry, the live model for Tinker Bell.)

The Mickey Mouse Club changed everything. Lonnie and the other Mouseketeers became national stars. But behind the scenes, politics and jealousy and young hormones ruled the clubhouse, along with the growing realization that the fortune Disney made from the show and from merchandising its stars was not trickling down to the Mouseketeers themselves. When Disney took The Mickey Mouse Club off the air in 1959, none of the Mouseketeers except for Annette would ever achieve such fame again - but in Lonnies case, his life had just begun, and what a life he led.

The Accidental Mouseketeer Moves On
With his ears off, Lonnie has scores of stories to tell about his film roles, his television and stage appearances, his sexual relationships, and topics ranging from existentialism to Disney choreography. He describes in uncompromising detail his appearances with other Mouseketeers at Disney events, and how those events never seemed to come off as planned.

Lonnies stories include:
His sweet, 1950s romance with Annette Funicello Backstage and on the road with other Mouseketeers A cross-country publicity trip with Mickey Mouse on Amtrak Shooting a film with Elvis - was the King cool? Working with Steven Spielberg and David Merrick Remembrances of Mouseketeers past (and passed on)
Plus over 100 exclusive photos!

The Accidental Mouseketeer is both tribute and tell-all. Lonnie was a Mouseketeer for only a short time, but he never really took off his ears, and behind all of his stories, behind all of the success he found on his own, theres still the little kid, singing and dancing in black-and-white, in front of a generation of Americans who wanted to be just like him.
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La Casa De Bernarda Alba - Margarita Xirgu - Alcala.

The House of Bernarda Alba Summary and Analysis of ACT II (part two)

Translated by A. This work may be freely reproduced, stored, and transmitted, electronically or otherwise, for any non-commercial purpose. Permission to perform this version of the play, on stage or film, by amateur or professional companies, and for commercial purposes, should be requested from the translator. The poet declares that these three acts are intended as a photographic record. Thick walls.

2nd Edition

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After Adela , Magdalena , and La Poncia go to watch the departing reapers from Adela's room, Amelia and Martirio , who has her head between her hands, are left alone on stage. Amelia asks what ails Martirio, who answers that the "unending summertime" is draining. Martirio then confesses she's recently been hearing something out in the yard late at night, and Amelia jokes it might be a mule. Martirio cautions her not to say anything, and then, as Amelia starts to leave, calls her back. But they mostly remain silent until Angustias bursts in.

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