Introduction to value stream mapping

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introduction to value stream mapping

Value Stream Mapping: How to Visualize Work Flow and Align People for Organizational Transformation: Using Lean Business Practices to Transform Office and Service Environments by Karen Martin

The first of its kind--a Value Stream Mapping book written for those in service and office environments who need to streamline operations

Value Stream Mapping is a practical, how-to guide that helps decision-makers improve value stream efficiency in virtually any setting, including construction, energy, financial service, government, healthcare, R&D, retail, and technology. It gives you the tools to address a wider range of important VSM issues than any other such book, including the psychology of change, leadership, creating teams, building consensus, and charter development.

Karen Martin is principal consultant for Karen Martin & Associates, LLC, instructor for the University of California, San Diegos Lean Enterprise program, and industry advisor to the University of San Diegos Industrial and Systems Engineering program.
Mike Osterling provides support and leadership to manufacturing and non-manufacturing organizations on their Lean Transformation Journey. In a continuous improvement leadership role for six years, Mike played a key role in Square D Companys lean transformation in the 1990s.
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Introduction to Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

Quality Glossary Definition: Value stream mapping Also called: value stream analysis, lean process mapping.
Karen Martin

What is Value Stream Mapping

Value stream mapping can be incredibly useful in various industries. Want to make a value stream map of your own? Try Lucidchart. It's quick, easy, and completely free. Value stream mapping is a flowchart method to illustrate, analyze and improve the steps required to deliver a product or service. A key part of lean methodology, VSM reviews the flow of process steps and information from origin to delivery to the customer.

We live in a world that is becoming smaller every day. No the earth is not shrinking but with the continuous advances in communications and world commerce, parts and products can and are being sourced from all across the globe. Reducing cost is imperative if an organization is going to remain competitive and not only survive but also thrive. We must look for ways to do things more efficiently with less waste. We must make sure that everything we do adds value to our products or services. Lean initiatives are currently active in various industries and organizations. In order for a lean initiative to be successful, we must be able to measure and quantify improvement.

Properly executed, value stream mapping is a highly effective means to transform leadership thinking, define improvement strategy and priorities, and create customer-centric work flow. In this ground-breaking guide, business performance improvement experts Karen Martin and Mike Osterling present a practical way to:. Whether you are a novice, experienced improvement practitioner, or senior leader, Value Stream Mapping will help your team design and operate your business more effectively—in any environment. Download Now. Karen and Mike put mapping in its proper perspective as a methodology for getting high-performing teams to see waste, share a future state vision, and build meaningful actions that are carried out with passion and purpose. Done correctly—especially in non-manufacturing environments—it can serve as the foundation for a much broader lean transformation.

Value stream mapping (VSM) is a visualization tool among lean techniques, which are based By analyzing the value stream map, we can identify continued .
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Profitable Applications of Lean Value Stream Mapping

A Lean manufacturing or Lean enterprise technique used to document, analyze and improve the flow of information or materials required to produce a product or service for a customer. Value stream mapping is a paper and pencil tool that helps you to see and understand the flow of material and information as a product or service makes its way through the value stream. Value stream mapping is typically used in Lean, it differs from the process mapping of Six Sigma in four ways:. A value stream map AKA end-to-end system map takes into account not only the activity of the product, but the management and information systems that support the basic process. This is especially helpful when working to reduce cycle time, because you gain insight into the decision making flow in addition to the process flow. It is actually a Lean tool. The basic idea is to first map your process, then above it map the information flow that enables the process to occur.

Want to make a value stream map of your own? Try Lucidchart. It's quick, easy, and completely free. A value stream map uses symbols to represent the flow of information and inventory within a system and to streamline those processes. Value stream mapping is associated with lean manufacturing but can be applied to various fields, including service-related industries, administrative and office processes, and software development. Creating a map to visually represent the steps involved in producing and delivering products and services to clients can be valuable for any business. A value stream map makes it easier to evaluate the current state of a production process to identify what is working and what issues are causing inefficiency.

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  1. An introduction to value stream mapping and analysis. Written by. Jostein Langstrand. Division of Logistics and Quality Management. Department of.

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  3. So simple it can be done with just a pen and paper, a value stream map often appears as a one-page flowchart listing every single process back from the customer to the raw material.

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