Best books about american slavery

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best books about american slavery

Slavery Book Lists

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Published 23.11.2018

Whitney Plantation museum confronts painful history of slavery

Seven Notable New Books on Slavery

The United States was founded upon a racial caste system where slavery was legal in all Thirteen Colonies. European colonists traded with African nations to buy manual laborers for maintaining their homes and fields. Most were chattel slaves whose children and grandchildren were automatically enslaved. Through the 19th century, slaves were overworked, tortured, and treated as property with no rights of citizenship. Slavery was abolished after the Emancipation Proclamation, yet this repugnant period still influences our present. Not only do books about slavery illustrate the brutal, inhumane practices before the Civil War, but they also give background for strained race relations thereafter. With the Black Lives Matter movement sweeping the nation, lessons from the past on inequality and discrimination remain impactful.

Over the past few years, several films have been released in the United States, including Twelve Years a Slave , The Birth of a Nation , and the remake of Roots , exploring various aspects of the lives of enslaved men and women. Although these films offer valuable insights into the history of slavery, they certainly do not tell the entire story.
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Make Your Own List. He talks us through five books on the tragedy of slavery—from the horrors of the gulag, to the plantations of Virginia, to the Islamic slave trade. David Olusoga is an Anglo-Nigerian historian, writer and producer. His radio and television programmes have explored the themes of colonialism, slavery and scientific racism. For very personal reasons.

It was the Land of the Free, unless you happened to be black. The days in which African-Americans were enslaved and considered property may be long behind us, but the peculiar institution has left a stain on the American conscience. As we enter Black History Month, this is an especially important time to reflect on slavery and the trauma it left in its wake. Why not pick up a new book to educate yourself on the topic and learn more about this crucial period in American history? Here are nine must-read books about slavery in America. Who better to explain the lasting scars of slavery than former slaves themselves?

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  1. As I write in my book, Empire of Cotton, American slavery (and the on the history of slavery is rich—it is, in fact among the best researched.

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