Smart questions to ask about life

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smart questions to ask about life

Smart Questions: Learn to Ask the Right Questions for Powerful Results by Gerald Nadler

Smart Questions offers an entirely new framework for creating solutions. Drawn from the authors many years of research and field experience, the Smart Questions Approach reveals how the leading creators of solutions in almost every profession and walk of life--including business, government, education, and even in families--think and approach their assignments. The authors holistic thinking approach shows how to use three foundation questions--focusing on uniqueness, purposeful information, and systems--which must be explored for every problem. These three questions, an essential starting point for exploring problems, in turn lead to other key questions that will ultimately create effective solutions.
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50 Incredible Life Changing Questions

Years ago when I had no idea who I was and what I wanted to do with my life, I decided to ask myself a few deep questions. Questions have power — great power, creative power. And by addressing deep questions To yourself, you will get profound answers From yourself. Are my actions guided by love, or by fear? Is the life that I am living the life I want to be living?

Want to be the most interesting person in the room? Well, whether you're introverted or extroverted , it doesn't really matter: There are things one must do to have the kind of captivating conversations that will attract others to your social circle. Before I get to the seven questions that will ignite those conversations, here are three principles you must apply first or you may as well toss in the towel now. Most of us don't have a good internal barometer for knowing when we bore others, since we think we're so fascinating. Another way to tell if you are about to put someone to sleep is to listen for questions. If the other person is not asking you questions, that should clue you in that your conversation is going south; it may be time to cut your story short and ask the other person a question.

What is a more beautiful question?

What are you pretending not to know? This was perhaps the most powerful question I was ever asked by my best friend bengleib. What are your values and are you being true to them? Write down the 3 most important aspects of each of these areas: family, romantic relationships, friends, work, health, sex and spirituality. The desires of our ego are often in conflict with the emotions of our heart. How can you feel that along the way?

They will get you thinking in a new way, outside of the box, from multiple different perspectives. Warren Berger: The title of the book came out of a line from a poem by the poet E. Cummings who said:. I think the more thoughtful you are in preparing your question, and the more precise your question is, the more beautiful it is. Now this is very subjective, but I was doing a lot of research on changes and breakthroughs that started with a question. So I think of beautiful questions as something that has the potential to bring about change, a really ambitious question that asks:. Michael Frank: Beautiful questions open your mind and get you thinking in a new way, from multiple different perspectives.

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