All about bears for kids

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all about bears for kids

101 Facts... BEARS! Bear Books for Kids - Amazing Facts, Photos & Video Links. by IP Factly

IP Factly presents... 101 Facts… BEARS!
Amazing facts, photos and video links to some of the worlds most lovable animals.

Bear books for children - a fun and fascinating way for young readers to find out more about these highly intelligent creatures.
This bear book for kids mixes facts, photos and even includes a video clip section.
IP Factlys 101 Facts series has been designed to encourage and bolster independent reading.

Accompanying webpage with video clips
This book provides fact after fact for information hungry children to tell family and friends, and even has an accompanying webpage with video clips of the bear species in the book.
The videos are split into bear species to further encourage independent reading and learning.
It makes learning fun and gives a real reason for children to want to read by themselves. Kids will love discovering animal facts to share and enjoy.
The video links mean children come back again and again, naturally developing their reading and learning skills (early kindle models dont support video but the safe website link is given).

Fascinating Facts Include...
The giant short-faced bear existed up until 11,000 years ago. It is believed to be the largest carnivorous mammal to have ever lived.
A bear’s sense of smell is seven times better than a bloodhound’s!
In spite of being classified as carnivores, about 75% to 85% of a bear’s diet is made up of plants.
Bears do eat honey, although they do not like it as much as Winnie the Pooh does. In fact, they prefer to eat the baby bees when they do stumble upon a beehive.
Contrary to popular belief, bears are not nocturnal. In fact, most of them are active during the day.
Bears tend to walk in their own tracks. This means that an area frequented by bears may have only one set of tracks, but the paw prints will appear sunken as if they have been beaten into the soil.

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Chances are that you probably have at least one teddy bear. There are 8 species of bears in the world. Some bears live in a lot of different places. Other bears are only found in certain places. You can only find Giant Pandas in Asia. Also, polar bears only live north of the equator. That means there are no polar bears in Antarctica!

Brown bears also live in open fields, mountain highlands, and tundra. They dig dens into hillsides. Brown bears are brown, right? Well, maybe! They come in all sizes and shades, from a light cream color to almost black. Grizzly bears are a type of brown bear, but not all brown bears are grizzlies!

Bears are large dog like mammals found all around the world. There are eight species of bear: American black bear , Asiatic black bear , brown bear , giant panda bear , polar bear , spectacled bear , sloth bear and sun bear.
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What animal is an expert fisherman, can climb trees and enjoys dumpster diving? Bears are large, lumbering animals. They walk on all four paws but can rise up on their hind legs. Bears are carnivores, or meat eaters, but most of them eat berries, roots and nuts too. They love human food and dog food and can sniff out snacks. Of the eight species, six are threatened with extinction.

Join us on a wild adventure and discover this beautiful creature in our black bear facts! They mostly eat grasses, herbs and fruit, but will sometimes eat other things, including fish. They may be called black bears, but their coat can be blue-gray or blue-black, brown and even sometimes white! These big bears have a very good sense of smell and can often be seen standing on their hind legs, sniffing scents! They usually live in forests but black bears are also found in mountains and swamps.

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