Peggy tells pete about the baby

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peggy tells pete about the baby

House of Sticks by Peggy Frew

Bonnie has given up her life as a musician to become a stay-at-home mum. She tells herself she has no regrets, but sometimes the isolation and the relentless demands of three small children threaten to swamp the love between Bonnie and her partner, Pete.
Then an old mate of Pete’s arrives. Doug is eccentric and intrusive, and his unsettling presence disrupts Bonnie’s world further. Yet as the cracks really start to show in the life Bonnie and Pete have built together, it seems the dangers might also come from within.
House of Sticks is a revealing portrait of contemporary family life, its joys and compromises, and how quickly things can unravel. It’s about trying to stay connected in our disconnected society; a story of identity and community, loyalty and love.
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Mad Men: The Tragedy of Betty Draper

Mad Men, series two, episode 13: Meditations in an Emergency

Gertrude "Trudy" Vogel is Pete Campbell 's ex-wife. Trudy and Pete got married in March , and spent their honeymoon at Niagara Falls. It's implied that the two didn't know each other that well before the wedding. They purchase an apartment on Park Avenue with the help of parents, much to the chagrin of Pete as he wants to make it on their own. When Pete decides he wants to publish a short story, he convinces Trudy to meet with her ex-fiance Charlie Fiddich. Trudy and Charlie do converse briefly in his office, but the meeting turns sour when Charlie says that he misses her and knows that she rushed into her marriage. Trudy and Pete visit a fertility doctor after having difficulty conceiving a child.

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I remember that Peggy tells Pete about their baby at the end of season 2. Pete is shocked. For some reason I feel that she tells him about the baby again in.
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Spoiler warning: Don't read on if you haven't seen any of the first series of Mad Men, or the first 12 episodes of series two. Watch Meditations in an Emergency on iPlayer. It's the end of the world as we know it and no one feels fine. Well, perhaps except Roger: he's richer than he's ever been and about to marry a year-old. For everyone else it was business as usual — fear and self-loathing in lashings as the Cuban missile crisis added a backdrop of nuclear fear to proceedings.

He is portrayed by Vincent Kartheiser. Pete has a strained relationship with his parents, who are emotionally distant and disapprove of their son's decision to go into advertising. Upon their father's death, Pete's older brother, Bud, examines their father's finances to determine their inheritance from the family trust. Bud discovers their father, through years of a lavish lifestyle, depleted the money put into the trust. Bud tells Pete this news, and both seem unsurprised. Following this revelation, Pete states that he, in fact, hated his father. Later in Season 2, Pete reveals that he also hates his mother.

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