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did you hear about that

Did You Hear about Amber? by Cherie Bennett

Amber is on top of the world. Shes turning sixteen, shes beautiful and blond and popular, she has a rich boyfriend, and shes a very talented dancer in a dance group with huge potential. Shes come a long way from being the little girl from the wrong side of the tracks who gets too much attention from her moms boyfriends.

It all starts to fall apart when Amber starts feeling sick. Shes losing weight. Her joints ache, and it makes it harder and harder to dance. She finally goes to the doctor and receives awful news: she has rheumatoid arthritis. Its rare, but can affect teens. Her dance career is over.

At first she tries to deny that anythings wrong. But as the disease makes it impossible for her to maintain her daily life, she starts to see how much dancing mattered to the people around her. Now that shes not the top dancer, her rich boyfriend seems a little distant. Her fabulous friends arent so friendly. If she cant dance, what does she have left?

Well, she still has boobs, and in a scene that was muy escandaloso when I was 12, she drives out to the woods with the shallow rich boy. (Can I just call him Bruce Patman? No? Okay.) In a last ditch effort to keep his attention, she flashes him her boobs. (Shes been holding out up until now.) And to her extreme humiliation, he just kind of looks away and tells her to cover herself.

OMG not even the power of boobs could sway this guy, now that shes not going to be a famous dancer. Whatever will she do? Shes sixteen years old and even though the arthritis is not going to kill her, its killed her social life.

But wait! All is not lost. When Amber was a poor little girl hanging out in the woods on abandoned cars, she did have a friend. I cant remember his name, but he was a boy. And I think he knew a secret about her. Or she knew one about him. Something to do with one of the moms boyfriends? Maybe he saved her from getting molested? Probably, thats usually how these books go. Anyway, something bad happened and she couldnt deal and therefore stopped being his friend. But hes still around, and hes probably a hottie now. (They always are.) When Amber downs a bunch of pills and needs to be rushed to the hospital, guess whos there for her? No, its not Bruce Patman or Lila Fowler. Its her old friend, whose name I cant remember. He has loved her all this time, even though shes ignored him in favor of the rich, popular people. They become BFF again, and it leads to something more. Amber is still all woe is me, Im useless if I cant dance but her dude gets her involved in the school newspaper or yearbook or something like that, and eventually prompts her to write out her story in a book. OH WAIT, ITS THIS BOOK. It ends with Amber sitting at a typewriter or something. Im sure she was too poor for a computer whenever this was written. Or one of her slutty moms guys would have stolen it.

A friend lent or gave this to me in sixth grade and I read it a whole bunch of times, which is how I was able to write this entirely from memory. I was shocked and amazed by the baring of the breasts scene. And this books flared up my hypochondria something fierce for a while afterward, helped along by the many Lurlene McDaniel books my mother bought for me.

Moral of the story: its OK to show a guy your boobs when youre 16 your real friends will stick by you in troubled times and if you stay positive you can overcome obstacles and then write about them. Or something like that.
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Did you hear about our John?

A lot of interviewers ask this question - how did you hear about this position? This way they can judge you if you are a passive or an active job seeker.
Cherie Bennett

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