I wrote a book about you amy ware

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i wrote a book about you amy ware

I Wrote A Book About You: A laugh-out loud love story worth falling in love with by Amy Louise Ware

If you liked Bridget Jones, youre going to fall in love with this story...

Meet Posy, a 26-year-old quirky blonde who’s left close to bankruptcy after a divorce from her cheating, childhood sweetheart, Hamilton. Following the implosion, a year ago, Posys brother Noah pushes her to go and live in a different culture in fear of her becoming a crazy cat lady if not. So, whilst staying for a short while in Barcelona, she meets Freddie on a hot, sweaty Friday evening - a guy with a dangerous sense of style and a heart of gold.
But a few weeks after meeting the man of her dreams, Posy has to pack up and leave Barcelona following the shocking and sudden near death of a loved one. She has to make the decision whether to stay in her home county of Kent, haunted by the unhappiness she had once left behind, or fight to find the one person that she had let fade away into the night.

‘I Wrote a Book About You’ is a story of friendship, family, loss and going back to something you knew you could never let go of…
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I wrote a book when I was 13. It sucked.

I Wrote A Book About You: A laugh-out loud love story worth falling in love with eBook: Amy Louise Ware: harryandrewmiller.com: Kindle Store.
Amy Louise Ware

Self publishing success: How Amy Louise Ware published I Wrote A Book About You

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. A journalist returns to her hometown to investigate the abduction and murder of two young girls, all the while continuing to process her own childhood traumas. Sharp Objects by far the most delightfully disturbing of her writings! The last chapter will leave you with your jaw on the floor.

Thrillers are my jam in the summer and today I am sharing a very special interview with my new favorite thriller writer, Ruth Ware. In a Dark, Dark Wood was the book that I selected this month for my local book club and we all loved this one for a fun escape this month. I was thrilled to get to share her interview a little early with my fellow book club members as we gathered in my dark, dark wood for a fun night out. Leonora, a reclusive writer, receives a surprise invitation from an old friend inviting to her to a weekend away as one last hurrah before she gets married. Set in a glass house in the woods, the four acquaintances share revelations and begin to realize their party is not alone. Forty-eight hours later, Leonora Nora awakes in a hospital bed knowing that someone is dead. Nora desperately tries to piece together what happened, forcing her to revisit times in her past that she would rather leave buried.

Sometimes, I wish I could continue writing while I walk. I lost my Dad to a rare form of brain cancer, when he was aged just 42; one of his wishes was for me to follow my dreams. Nothing is stopping you except you. Two men have been to visit her: Lachlan, and Max. This book is a gift for my niece and her parents. It all starts with a small sketch and or idea, you work at it, revise, edit, and in the end it becomes what you had in your head, or better. At this time we're currently only focusing on listing the Books in Order - reviews, blogs, contests and other fine things will have to wait.

Top 10 Books by Ruth Ware

The micropress, founded by S. Bear Bergman, is in its fifth year of operations, with Love is in the Hair being a release from their first year up and running. What do you use to remember it by? There is genuine warmth and affection between the three characters, and the love that they express for one another is a wonderful, healthy exemplification of a queer family dynamic. Black hair has always had roots in storytelling, and has had the ability to convey marital status, class, age, and history. The importance and history behind black hair was excellently exemplified at a special exhibit at The ArQuives in January titled Parting the Roots , put on by Simone Wright.

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