True survival stories about natural disasters

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true survival stories about natural disasters

Popular Disaster Survival Books

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Published 25.11.2018

10 Most Insane Survival Stories

In , a host of natural disasters impacted lives all across the world.
Andy Weir

4 People Who Faced Disaster - And How They Made it Out Alive

Huge fucking bushfire that killed nearly two hundred people, injured four hundred and destroyed three thousand plus buildings including over two thousand homes, in Victoria, Australia in February Some of the people that died or were injured were people I knew or knew of. Then we just started hosing everything down, because it was too late to run. My friends and I were on the highway driving home and the storm was right behind us. We pretty much flew down the highway going ninety and then barricaded ourselves in our friends cellar and when we came out, everything was flat and our high school had been leveled completely. Our worst were Katrina, Rita, and Ike. The scariest part about them is how quickly they build up; you have days of worrying, and then suddenly at 3am your parents pull you out of bed and order you to pack because of the mandatory evacuation.

Marthena Phan, 18

This page offers stories submitted by tornado and hail storm survivors. These accounts have not been verified., Chilean Miners Anniversary.

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I was at home in the Roma neighborhood when the 7. There was no warning that the quake was coming, despite the fact that the capital boasts one of the most advanced earthquake alarms in the world. The first tremble from beneath the earth was minor, and I thought it was a truck passing or the metro slithering underneath — normal things that make the streets rumble in this megalopolis. But the second shock hit with a force that launched me to my feet. The house swayed and twisted as if it were made of paper, and the city erupted into a cacophony of sirens and sounds of destruction as I stumbled out the front door. Suddenly, I was shirtless and shoeless in the street with my neighbors, being thrown back and forth by the ground that seemed to turn to liquid. As we all reeled in the street, the smell of gas seeped out of the front gate of our vecindad, a condo-style building with small houses sharing a courtyard and a gated entrance.


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