What did martin luther say about the jews

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what did martin luther say about the jews

The Jews and Their Lies by Martin Luther

Some people should not be allowed to even read the bible, and he is one of them.

This is actually a review in progress. I am beginning to believe that the Jesus in the Bible was not as peace loving as claimed. How could he have sat there and condemned all of the Sadducees and the Pharisees? That would be like claioming that all people of a certain group are bad. Is he then not responsible for how Christians began to view the Jewish nation? Would this make him and Martin Luther responsible in some ways for the Holocaust? It certainly makes Luther responsible. Why did the German’s hate the Jewish people,, was it because of the Bible’s teachings? I am like a dog on a bone now and won’t give up until I find these answers.

Well, I was right. Here is what I found so far. The New Testament has been the most dangerous anti-Semitic book in history, according to a growing number of Christian theologians, many of whom are calling for editorial exclusion of all anti-Jewish sections of the New Testament, particularly in Johns gospel. Especially, I might add, they were written by man, not by their God who has been claimed to have inspired the Bible, as if inspired meant that it was written by God.

And I wasn’t going to bring in the teaching that it was the Jews who killed Jesus that caused Christians to hate all Jews for 2,000. But hate in people run deep, just like the Hatfields and McCoys and just as ignorant.
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Why Anti-Semitism Endures

Anti-Semitism: Martin Luther - "The Jews & Their Lies"

Martin Luther — was a German professor of theology, priest and seminal leader of the Reformation. However, despite his importance as a figure in the development of Protestant theology, his positions on Judaism continue to be controversial. These changed dramatically from his early career, where he showed concern for the plight of European Jews to his later years, when embittered by his failure to convert them to Christianity , he became outspokenly antisemitic in his statements and writings. Recent historical studies have focused on Luther's influence on modern antisemitism, with a particular focus on Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Luther's attitude toward the Jews changed over the course of his life.

The front of a September letter signed by Protestant reformer Martin Luther. The letter, penned in German, was to be up for auction through July 11,
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While The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod holds Martin Luther in high esteem for his bold proclamation and clear articulation of the teachings of Scripture, it deeply regrets and deplores statements made by Luther which express a negative and hostile attitude toward the Jews. In , the Synod adopted an official resolution addressing these statements of Luther and making clear its own position on anti-Semitism. The text of this resolution reads as follows:. Resolved, That we condemn any and all discrimination against others on account of race or religion or any coercion on that account and pledge ourselves to work and witness against such sins; and be it further. Resolved, That we reaffirm that the bases of our doctrine and practice are the Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions and not Luther, as such; and be it further. Resolved, That we avoid the recurring pitfall of recrimination as illustrated by the remarks of Luther and many of the early church fathers against those who do not respond positively to our evangelistic efforts; and be it finally.

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