How to think deeply about life

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how to think deeply about life

Quote by Aaron Swartz: I think deeply about things and want others to ...

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Published 25.11.2018

12 Signs You Are A Deep Thinker

Deep Thinking Can Change Your Life

We live in fast food culture, where now and yesterday seem to be the timing of every answer. We sort everything into top ten lists. We find out the what of things and sometimes the how , but hardly ever the why. We ask for things done, but not necessarily done right. We stop looking as soon as we find the first answer.

They prefer to slow down, take the time to mull things over, and consider their actions, the world, and their place in it. Introverted Invariably, many deep thinkers are reserved , quiet and introverted. Blurt out an answer? Be the center of attention at a party? Not on your life. Observant Deep thinkers take in more than they put out, meaning, they say less, and observe more. They fully engage with their interests, exhaustively poring over a topic before forming an opinion, or passing judgement.

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By Joel Hilliker. T his world is hostile to serious thought. Our lives are cluttered with barriers that sear our minds with the habit of lazy, shallow thinking. Consider the insipid television and movies that pass for entertainment, transparently hostile toward anything approximating deep thought. Consider the overstimulated, technology-driven, information-saturated nature of modern life.

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  1. We all think, but not all of us think deeply, which is thinking beyond what your mind defaults to.

  2. A study of 6, people conducted by the NeuroLeadership Group in collaboration with a large healthcare firm asked respondents questions about where, when, and how people did their best thinking.

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