Why is he curious about me

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why is he curious about me

Curious Men: He-time Tales by Rosalind Minett

Something different! The companion volume to Me-Time Tales: tea breaks for mature women and curious men.
Entering Rosalind Minetts fictional world is like taking a journey with an old and trusted friend. Theres an abundance of wit and a quiet lyricism in her writing which reveals itself in the clarity of her language. The right word in the right place seems never more appropriate. Minetts fictional world mirrors reality but in a daring manner, mainly because she casts light on the quirks and foibles of what it is to be human, revealing hidden fantasies and desires.  From the man whose passion is for probing the intimate parts of machines which suck and cut, to the secretive Sunday bonfire king right through to a characters determination to discover the meaning of life before chairs. Minetts accurate eye is like a searchlight, seeking out the darker shadings. - Eileen Casey (Multi-award winning Irish author)

The curious men now have their say...or at least they try to, between invasive female comments.
A collection of unusual short stories, sober, bizarre or cunningly funny, featuring men of different ages and stages and eras. Each story reveals a differently curious man. Who doesnt have curious habits, weaknesses, features, beliefs—even feelings? Men tend to keep these to themselves, or not to be aware of them. These stories delve into their secrets. One or two are bleak. More are blissfully weird.
The first man is passionate about the inanimate. The next takes his curiosity to the farthest geographic extremes. Brian cant choke out essential news everyone is hanging on for. Sidney wends his desolate way towards a secret retribution.
If Hugh had kept his parts secret he might appeal more to women. The therapist has a serial secret-keeper on his hands.
These are some of the stories youll read in Curious Men but then the stories are invaded by the mature women! Men know how this feels.
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Case no The obvious one, He wants to know more about you because he But I guess you are looking for an answer of “Does he like me?.
Rosalind Minett

How to Recognize If He Is Interested in You

Sign up or log in to share. He acts like that because he likes you, he is a little shy or maybe he just doesn't know how to flirt or how to talk to a girl, maybe that's why he asks the first thing that comes to his mind, if he blushes with her girlfriends means that he's not used to it, like I said he doesn't know how to flirt. About the text, he doesn't text you first because maybe he doesn't want to interrupt, or bother you, or simply because he don't have the guts to do it hehe! I had a similar experience when I was in middle school, I used to be really shy, so I think I know how this works lol! Yeah I tried to take your advice and text him first.. Its like he totally ignored my text and never replied so I told him never mind and still NEVER got a reply at least he could of said oops I was busy or sorry. He's been ignoring me now, he won't even say Hey or what's up to me anymore : He's also starting to hang out with other girls that he's known for longer than me so I think he's possibly over me.

Author Kathy Batesel writes about topics she has experienced, worked with, or researched thoroughly. Is he interested? Is he being friendly? Does he just want you to be a convenient booty-call? How should you act around him?

After all, surely it should be easy to notice if a guy has taken a serious fancy to your adorable self. Why are the signs so hard to decipher? Is he just pretending, to get you into bed? The good news is, actions speak louder than words. And for more than a late night booty call.

If you're asking yourself "does he like me" and you're finding your man cryptically impossible to Questions show he is curious and interested.
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Signs He Is Interested in You

Go to Page Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Some forums can only be seen by registered members. This guy I've just met in class started asking quite a few questions about my "love" past. He asked me about a guy from our school I was friend with but not anymore, he told me "what happened, he was crazy about you and you rejected him i'm sure

We always have that one guy friend who is just more noticeable than the others, and sometimes you can't help but secretly think if he's showing signs of liking you more than a friend. Nothing is more exciting than finding out someone likes you. But it can also be devastating to find out in the end that you're just assuming, right? You probably went through confusion as to why he keeps being enthusiastic in everything you do no matter how silly it may seem, or smiles at you whenever he gets a chance or keeps the conversation going, even though sometimes you feel it's going nowhere! You may seem to find it even weird when he laughs at your corny jokes and deals with your mood swings.


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