Mind blowing facts about islam

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mind blowing facts about islam

The Vision of Islam by William C. Chittick

Covering the four dimensions of Islam as outlined in the Hadith of Gabriel--practice, faith, spirituality, and the Islamic view of history--The Vision of Islam draws on the Koran, the sayings of the Prophet and the great authorities of the tradition. This clearly written book introduces the essentials of each dimension and then shows how each has been embodied in Islamic institutions throughout history.
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Published 26.11.2018

11 Surprising Facts About Islam

Over the next two decades, new surahs were dictated to Muhammad by the angel Gabriel, who was delivering the exact words of God himself.
William C. Chittick

21 Mind-blowing facts about religions you definitely didn’t know about!

Even with all of this misunderstanding, and with all the knowledge we have today, there are some interesting facts we can all learn from Islam. Islam is closely related to Judaism and Christianity. This means Muslims know about Jesus, Abraham, Moses, and other great prophets from the other Abrahamic faiths. Islam is the 2nd largest religion in the world, with 1. The largest religion?

facts about islam - Islam is an Arabic word that means “peace,” “security,” and “ surrender.” Muslim means “one who peacefully surrenders to.
reasons women fall out of love

Part I: All allies, foreign and domestic

A handbook for Muslim women seeking satisfying love lives, the book starts with the basics—lessons on kissing, sending dirty texts, and the importance of foreplay. After that come chapters on sex positions, shower sex, bondage, and masochism. The Muslimah Sex Manual , independently published in mid-July, has been variously described as groundbreaking and a welcome step. It busts the myth, parading as an Islamic belief, that a pure Muslim cannot be dirty in bed, while giving candid advice. Embedded in it is the message that Muslim women should enjoy a fulfilling sex life. It was a newlywed friend who motivated Muladhat, a practicing Muslim, to write.

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