What the bible says about suicide

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what the bible says about suicide

What Does the Bible Say about Suicide? by James T. Clemons

Readers looking for a safe place to find out Christian and biblical interpretation of suicide can find it in James T. Clemons’ book. The book is primarily academic and does not feature anecdotes or personal experiences about suicide loss. Instead, it features five chapters that analyze different aspects of suicide death from a biblical standpoint. Chapter one talks about suicide deaths in the Bible. Chapters two and three talk about verses that could be interpreted to condemn or condone suicide. Chapter four moves away from the Bible and analyzes Christian interpretation throughout history. Chapter five closes the book with a look at the ethics of suicide. The verses referenced in the Bible come with interpretation from Clemons, who has a respect for the reader and their feelings. While the book offers no solid conclusions, it offers readers a safe place to research Biblical references and reflect on the careful interpretation made by Clemons.
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What does the Bible say about suicide?

Suicide. The word has a frightening air of finality. Laden with hopelessness, despair, and tragedy, it is a word that everyone wants to keep at arms' length.
James T. Clemons

What Does the Bible Say About Suicide?

People who ask this question seek biblical grounds for giving hope to the kin of believers who take their own lives. The burden of proof, I should think, lies not with those who offer the solace of grace but with those who deny it. Will Jesus welcome home a believer who died at her own hands? I believe he will, tenderly and lovingly. My biblical basis? It is the hope-giving promise of Romans , that neither life nor death can separate the believer from the love of God in Christ Jesus.

Are you wondering what the Bible has to say about suicide? Is this act a sin? Can God forgive self-murder or do people who commit suicide go.
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Opinions expressed are solely those of the author s., A few years ago, a Christian I knew ended his life prematurely. It was sudden, tragic, and devastating to all of us—but especially to his family.

Some religions teach that suicide is an unforgivable sin. But what does the Bible say about suicide? There can be no doubt that intentionally killing oneself is a sin. Yet we should not be quick to condemn a person who dies in this manner, for typically, he or she has been dealing with incredibly weighty problems. Those problems might include some form of drug addiction, including alcoholism.

The views expressed on this subject are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of SBL. Individuals personally struggling with this issue should seek immediate professional help. Is suicide a sin? However, even a careful reader will search in vain for any explicit prohibition of self-killing in the Bible. In fact, the biblical attitude toward suicide ranges from ambivalence to praise. Suicide in the ancient world did not carry the same negative connotations as it does today.

Our personal opinion on this issue is don't do it , but please read on to see what the Bible says about suicide. That said, the first thing to consider with this question is, did the person get right with God and live right for God before they died? People do not make it to heaven, regardless of how they died, if they had not yet accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. That is, suicide is not the issue regarding whether a person goes to heaven. Getting right with God is the issue. You can learn how people get right with God by clicking on this sentence.

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