Poem from child to parent about growing up

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poem from child to parent about growing up

Growing Up Quotes (1253 quotes)

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Published 26.11.2018

"Dear dad"

Mother Child Poems

Growing up is hard to do. The challenges that a child must deal with throughout the life cycle are overwhelming. Children must deal with physical, emotional and psychological changes as they grow. There is no manual for growing up. In western society there are so many options given to children that they often feel confused and lost. We are not doing our children a favor if we do not provide guidance to them.

Your life was ours, which is with you. Go on your journey. We go too. Born in a time of darkness, you will learn the trick of making. Soon there was another.

Have you ever wondered why the love of a mother to her child is called unconditional? Any mother loves her kids, whether they are daughters or sons, no matter what.
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There's several parenting poems below, some with a pinch of humor which I hope will soothe your harried being, let you know you really aren't alone and give you the courage to recharge and move on. Parenting is NOT no sweat, well it does involve lots of sweating of the body, mind and heart. But at the end of the day, children are here to train us to become better people, hopefully become wiser and more fulfilled in the process of raising up babies into independent adults. Even if the idea of your kids all grown-up seems a bit far-fetched right now. It'll soon come to pass, really, and by then you won't have any baby or kid who bugs you all day.

Did you ever wonder how a child ended up with a specific mother? According to Sufi mysticism, the soul of the child looks down at the world and sees every soul that resides in every woman. When he finds the one that will be able to help him fulfill his life's purpose, he makes his choice. The relationship between the mother and child is no accident. At times the child may reject his mother and wish he had a different one. Remember your soul made the choice for a reason.

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