Book about salem witch trials non fiction

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book about salem witch trials non fiction

Salem Witch Trial (nonfiction) (19 books)

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Published 22.11.2018

How To Hang A Witch Book Trailer

Best Books About the Salem Witch Trials

It started with a prickling sensation on their skin. Then Abigail Williams, 11, and her cousin Betty Parris, 9, complained of feeling pinches and bites. They howled, writhed, went rigid and spoke gibberish. Friends and neighbors gathered in their house to pray and sing psalms. Weeks later, a well-meaning neighbor hit on a solution. Within days, Abigail and Betty named three local women as their tormentors.

Boyer and Stephen Nissenbaum explored the lives of the women and men who helped spun the complex web of human passion that overrun the Salem Witch Trials. Thanks for voting! Please tell us why you like it! Please tell us why you don't like it! Thank you for sharing your experience!

This weekend marks the first execution of the Salem Witch Trials that took place years ago. Bridget Bishop, one of 19 people executed for witchcraft in the Massachusetts city, was already on her third husband by the time the witch trials began. As the assertive mistress of two taverns, she had developed a reputation for arguing with her husbands in public and had been known to throw a wild party or two at her establishments. They were right and a string of other convictions and executions followed hers before the hysteria came to an end in The burgeoning contemporary interest in witches, witchcraft, paganism, the occult, and their links to feminism and female power inspired our list of books on the subject of the Salem Witch Trials. Let us know your recommended reads on Facebook and Twitter. Pulitzer Prize-winning author Stacy Schiff collaborated with a team of eight researchers on this dense nonfiction work on the witch trials.

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