10 facts about giraffes for kids

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10 facts about giraffes for kids

Giraffes by Laura Marsh


This is a nonfiction book all about giraffes. There are details and pictures that lists awesome facts about giraffes and how they live.


This book contains images on what a giraffe eats and how they live. It is easy for the reader to learn new facts about a giraffe that they might not know about. It is a book that I would like to incorporate into my classroom.

Teaching Ideas:

For a science lesson teaching about animals, I would read this book to students to introduce what a giraffe is and details about it. I would then have the students write sentences about a giraffe. I would want to know what they eat, what they look like, and where there habitat is.
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10 Amazing Facts about Giraffes for Kids! Learn about Giraffes (Educational Video on Animals)

Native to the continent Africa, there are many other interesting things to learn about this amazing animal besides the obvious.
Laura Marsh

Giraffe Facts For Kids

What if you could look in a second story window without even standing on your tiptoes? Giraffes can. Giraffes are the tallest mammals. Their legs are 6 feet long and so are their necks. Wild giraffes live only in Africa , but you can see them at the zoo. All About Giraffes — the tallest mammals. Giraffes are most vulnerable when they are taking a drink at a watering hole.

This page contains giraffe facts for kids and adults. With their distinctive long necks and legs, giraffes are the tallest land animals in the world. Let us explore the height, appetite, and life of this gentle giant. Read on for more interesting facts about giraffes…. Giraffes are native to Africa, and are found between Chad and South Africa. Giraffes eat about lbs of greens every day.

Ten facts about giraffes for kids. Learn where giraffes live, what they eat, how tall they grow and more here at National Geographic Kids.
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Where Do Giraffes Live?

An adult male can grow to around 5. Their excellent eyesight allows them to spot hungry beasts from far away, too. Their favourite grub is the acacia tree , and they use their long necks to reach the leaves and buds in the treetops.

At an average height of around 5 m ft. Characterized by its long legs, long neck, and distinctive spotted pattern, many people first believed the giraffe was a cross between a leopard and a camel, which is reflected in its scientific name, Giraffa camelopardalis. Giraffes live primarily in savanna areas in the sub-Saharan region of Africa. Their extreme height allows them to eat leaves and shoots located much higher than other animals can reach. In particular, they seek out acacia trees. Their long tongues are helpful in eating because they help pull leaves from the trees. Spending most of the day eating, a full-grown giraffe consumes over 45 kg lb.

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