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think about the way trainspotting

Trainspotting Quotes by Irvine Welsh

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Ice MC - Think About The Way, Trainspotting


Who are the man and woman in the crazy suits running out of St. Paul's and then waving from a bus? Are they just random people they found when filming? Sometimes, of course, I thought about the guys, but mainly I didn't miss them at all. After all, this was boom town where any fool could make cash from chaos and plenty did. I quite enjoyed the sound of it all. Profit, loss, margins, takeover, lending, letting, subletting, subdividing, cheating, scamming, fragmeting, breaking away.

Trainspotting made me want to do drugs. In fact, you could say that Trainspotting goes to great lengths to argue that drugs are a pretty bad idea, actually, destroying relationships, forcing you into increasingly desperate acts of deceit and criminality, and leading inexorably toward death and disease—or worse, sheet-twisting withdrawal. They were sexy people in sharp suits who knew a lot about Sean Connery movies, and they got high and went out clubbing every single night. They also—and this is crucial—listened to really cool music. I liked anger, ennui, ironic jadedness, heartsick romantic pining, and suicidal depression equally. Trainspotting changed all that. Trainspotting gave the act of throwing your life away for fleeting pleasure an appropriately ecstatic soundtrack, one that was every bit the back-alley rush its story demanded.

Though the film was set in the s, it was released in , a year before a general election that saw New Labour win a landslide victory. The future never really came. As a founding member of Underworld, Smith has frequently worked with Trainspotting director Danny Boyle over the past two decades, providing music for everything from The Beach to A Life Less Ordinary to the London Olympics opening ceremony. I did everything I could to present him with things. Their songs are my heartbeat for the film. Rick Smith: It always feels like a surprise when Danny asks me to help with something. We met for a coffee and talked about it — he asked me to get involved and sent me the script.

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It was his second single from his album Ice'n'Green on which it appears in four versions, and his tenth single overall. After being featured in the soundtrack of the film Trainspotting , [1] the song was re-issued in the UK in September , achieving greater success than its original release reaching 38 in the UK Singles Chart, and 5 in the Scottish Singles Chart. In , the German dance band Groove Coverage made a revamped release also called " Think About the Way " featuring vocals from Rameez. Although the Groove Coverage song released on Suprime Records, Sony Music Entertainment released on March 16, , borrows the music and the main refrain of the song, it adds new lyrics in the rest of the song. In , the Iranian-Swedish artist Arash released a musical adaptation of the song called " She Makes Me Go " that borrows widely from the original but with completely new lyrics. Visualise the male character in Culture Beat as a Jamaican toaster instead of an ordinary rapper.

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