Famous poems about inner demons

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famous poems about inner demons

Inner Demons Quotes (16 quotes)

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Demon Poems

It's the silent killer not many wish to believe in, the reason so many chose death as a way of running from it. And for the longest time - sometimes even now - I fall under that spell. It's so hard to escape it, impossible even. For the longest time I had refused help. I had much rather harm myself, to leave scars on my body, than even whisper the word 'help.

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The dark shadow beckons It calls insidiously from the corners Whispering little temptations Drawing me deeper into the tunnel So deep that the shadow that once lurks behind me starts to climb up around me, over my shoulders till it turns to face me and overwhelms me. I scream a wordless terror But my voice fails What's the point? No one can hear me now I'm in too deep No one can get me out The darkness does not let it's prey go easily Once ensnared I'm theirs To corrupt, to ravish, to destroy. So I fall, collapsing in a heap in the grimiest corner the world could possibly have seen In tears I wrap my arms around my knees and gently rock my broken heart to sleep Crying out for what I've lost Mourning for the hope that dims with each passing day the pieces shatter the edges pierce deeper my blood seeps away Slowly, I fade Without a word, Without a goodbye No one remembers No one cares No one cries Share this poem:.

Few figures in the world of poetry have been so mysterious from a psychological standpoint.
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Inner Demons

The Gunshot My demons, possessing goat horns trying to devour me i scream and cry, a storm howling outside but you don't seem to hear me i look into your eyes, wondering what went wrong i've been tryin' to find the answer for so long but by the time i remember, their fangs sink into me all went black, nothing can help me to my surprise i'm awoken again but something's not right I see no demons anywhere you're the only thing in my sight. Sinking I'm sinking into the depths again, I feel like the familiar weight upon my chest, it's so damn hard to breathe. I see the darkness again with no light. God, I keep falling back here no matter how hard I try. My demons are no longer clawing at me but wait for my return, they cuddle and purr all around me and makes feel safe. God, why do I fight them or even escape because when everyone leaves me they always stay.



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