10 cool facts about cats

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10 cool facts about cats

101 Amazing Facts about Kittens and Cats by Jenny Kellett

Its hard not to love cats, in fact over 35% of American households have at least one feline friend! But how much do you and your kids know about your kitten or cat?

As a self-confessed crazy cat lady, Jenny Kellett had a great time putting together a wide range of amazing kitten and cat facts that your kids will love.

With over 25 cute, color images of kittens and cats to illustrate the facts, this is the perfect book for mini cat lovers!
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Published 22.11.2018

10 Cool Cat Facts

50 Fascinating Facts About Cats

Cats are a riddle wrapped in a mystery. Wrapped in a cat. Unlike humans, cats have kidneys that can filter out salt and use the water content to hydrate their bodies. Yes, I know seawater doesn't come out of the toilet. Scientists believe that a mutation in a key taste receptor has prevented cats from being able to taste sugar. No cat will ever know the joy of a cupcake. Apparently these aren't "true" thumbs, but just extra toes.

These amazing facts show just how cool cats really are. Read on for A housecat could outrun meter world record holder Usain Bolt.
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10. Cats can't climb with their heads down.

Happy International Cat Day! Not that you need a reason to celebrate the kitty in your life. If you want to celebrate Felis silvestris in all its furry glory, try sharing some of these 50 bits of cat trivia. This year marks the 43rd annual Oktoberfest—one of the biggest Oktoberfest celebrations outside of Germany more than , people attend the three-day event. On the afternoon of Thursday, September 19, wiener dogs and their owners and handlers gathered in downtown Cincinnati for the "Running of the Wieners. The winner of each heat advanced to the final round, where the top three finishers were decided. Leo and Bucky , two other doxies, placed second and third, respectively.

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