What is porphyrias lover about

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what is porphyrias lover about

Porphyrias Lover by Robert Browning

Be sure I looked up at her eyes
Happy and proud; at last I knew
Poryphyria worshipped me; surprise
Made my heart swell, and still it grew
While I debated what to do.

Poryphyrias Lover is genius in how the true drama of the situation unfolds and how the narrator is slowly revealed to be absolutely insane. Beginning with a depiction of dark feelings, Poryphyrias entrance into the scene creates the illusion of warmth and safety, leading to a wonderfully gothic twist and gruesome aftermath. This was a fun one to read in my literature class.
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Porphyria's Lover Explained

Robert Browning: Poems Summary and Analysis of "Porphyria's Lover"

The narrator of " Porphyria 's Lover" is a man who has murdered his lover, Porphyria. He begins by describing the tumultuous weather of the night that has just passed. It has been rainy and windy, and the weather has put the speaker in a melancholy mood as he waits in his remote cabin for Porphyria to arrive. Finally, she does, having left a society party and transcended her class expectations to visit him. Wet and cold, she tends to the fire and then leans against the narrator, professing quietly her love and assuring him she was not deterred by the storm. He looks up into her face and realizes that she "worshipp'd" him in this moment, but that she would ultimately return to the embrace of social expectation.

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by Robert Browning

Robert Browning The lover is the speaker in this dramatic monologue. - What is it about? The poem, Porphyria's, Lover introduces us to the character of an unnamed man who loved, and murdered, a woman called Porphyria.

Browning later republished it in Dramatic Lyrics paired with " Johannes Agricola in Meditation " under the title "Madhouse Cells". The poem did not receive its definitive title until Although he winds her hair around her throat three times to throttle her, the woman never cries out. The poem uses a somewhat unusual rhyme scheme: A,B,A,B,B, the final repetition bringing each stanza to a heavy rest. A possible source for the poem is John Wilson's "Extracts from Gosschen's Diary", a lurid account of a murder published in Blackwood's Magazine in

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  1. A summary of “Porphyria's Lover” in Robert Browning's Robert Browning's Poetry. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Robert.

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