Contemporary romance novels about unrequited love

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contemporary romance novels about unrequited love

Popular Unrequited Love From Heroine Pov Books

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He doesn’t want her… “Unrequited Love” Book Recommendations:

I love watching characters suffer. Perhaps it comes from writing romance as well. Writers throw conflict at their darlings all the time, and many of us probably enjoy it way too much. After all, we all know how that feels. I think I spent my entire teen life in a state of unrequited love. Very few of the boys I pursued had any clue who I was. You missed out, bucko!

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We have new Rec League coming from SB Sarah, who is searching for a combination of unrequited love for a heroine who is experienced and confident! Too often the hero in that scenario is rich, powerful, worldly, famous, or entirely too alpha for my liking — especially that last one. The alpha part bugs me because I interpret overbearing hero actions as his not trusting the heroine to manage her own damn life, which always irritates me as condescending and infantilizing the heroine. I will mistreat you so it confuses you! Jack Langdon does so much to help the heroine but she has no idea. Catnip confiture, as it were.

Carla: Ahhh I love some unrequited love stories. I want that deep ache. Do you remember my first and favorite from Kristen Ashley? And do you remember that punch to the gut when she overhead him… disgruntled about her being around? And oh boy, I wanted her to so prove a point. Prove him wrong. And every step of the way, I loved every moment of them.

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